Sweden Democrats topping polls! Here's why. (video)

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Topping the polls before the election and we have yet to see such an exciting time in Swedish politics. My youtube video explains some of their success.

ps. If you want to the best debates from the leader of the party, skip 1,30 minutes into the video. Enjoy!


Fascinating. I knew the situation was bad in Sweden with regards to unregulated immigration (backed by the same defunct obsession with political correctness and crying racism at every turn) but didn't know any details. Thanks for the video, and by the way, from 5:37 to 5:59 the audio cuts out suddenly.

Thanks for the support.

Unfortunately the audio cuts out but I don't feel like taking the video down and reuploading it right now. The election is today, and it's important for outsiders to know about the situation, even if it means the whole video except 5:37 to 5:59 :)

Most interesting video. I will be looking out for the results of the election now.

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