Is Chemnitz just the beginning?

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Chemnitz could be one single thing that occurred where Germans took to the street to protest the migration to Europe. Where ordinary citizens were tired of how newly arrived migrants acted in a very different and strange way that Germans would never do? Was this protest against the new culture and the new view of women that had come to Germany? Was this a single event that we’ll never see again and everything will go back to normal OR was this protest just the beginning of something bigger?


This protest was rather big for a city like Chemnitz in east Germany. Thousands of protestors took to the streets to protest the wave of migrants coming in to Germany after the city had seen an increase in crimes, including murders of German citizens. The Chemnitz march made headlines all over the world but is Chemnitz just the beginning?
The islamisation of Europe has started and protests against it has been seen all over Europe. The Tommy Robinson rallies in London, the marches in Warsaw, Chemnitz and other cities all over Europe is happening frequently. As Douglas Murray put it “The West is tired of Islam”. It certainly looks this way at least. The new way of treating women and the new culture is not appreciated in Europe over all. Some countries closed their borders before it all took off but other countries are seeing it now and the resistance is growing. Some people are taking it to the streets to protests, others are protesting by voting in the elections.

All over Europe anti-immigration parties are growing in a rapid pace. In Germany AFD is growing and polling at 17% right now and the Sweden democrats reached new highs in last election grabbing 17.7% of the votes. In the UK, Brexit happened. Marie Le Pen’s party is the second biggest in France and in Austria Sebastian Kurz is the chancellor. Poland, Hungary and Italy has anti-immigration parties leading the country and in Norway, Finland and Denmark there are anti-immigration parties in the government.

So, to move back to the question if Chemnitz is just the beginning? Yes, yes it is only a beginning. The anti-islam movement is rising in Europe and it doesn’t look to stop. The parties are growing in certain countries, the parties are involved in the government in some countries and are in power in a couple of countries as well. It doesn’t seem to slow down anywhere and it’s spreading all over Europe in a rapid pace. Europeans seem to understand that our values are superior to the new cultures that are coming in, or as Donald Trump put it, regarding western civilization and values: “We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success, that is who we are. Those are the priceless ties that bind us together, as a civilization”.

Western civilization is the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen as Europeans realize that. Defending western civilization to inferior cultures that are damaging western civilization is something Europeans take more seriously every day. So Chemnitz was not a single event, it was the beginning of something bigger that is happening all over Europe in defense of western civilization. It doesn’t seem to stop and Europeans are now valuing their civilization more than ever.


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