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Rodney King - "Can't We All Just Get Along?"

Many of you might be too young or live in a different country but I remember the L.A. Riots like they were yesterday. This is the path of violence and hate. Their will only be losers.

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The more they (media) try to divide the country and its people...the more we need to come together in harmony!

I was around for the riots, it was a different time and different culture. I think the problem we have now is actually more serious and the media is fueling it with everything they got in order to stay relevant. People are too stupid to see it and are falling right in to where they want them to be. This situation could get to the point of nation wide chaos to where they will have to turn the military into cities and towns to try and keep law and order. I have been out of the Marines for 16 years and have never owned another rifle since my tour was over. With everything that is going on now, for the first time in my life, I feel the immediate need to bare arms in order to keep my family safe in this country.

Love Your Neighbor^^

I haven't bothered watching the news in several years. It is all hype and drama with little content. I just keep up with the important stuff online and try to enjoy my life in Panama.

Monopoly from the fakestream media using mind control techniques is really bad. People need to wake and turn to alternative media for their news. Great places to go are vidme, steemit, Lbry, WAM, dtube etc...

I have a hot neighbor! I love her!

Great post and theme in these crazy times we all see going on right now all over the world ! " Their will only be losers " yes on that agreed but we will all be losers when these " paid " Soros backed provocateurs cause so much chaos that martial law will seemingly be and sold as, the only option to civic disorder issues !! sad times but loved your message @hilarski )

I was not around for the riots, before my time, but I have heard a lot about it from my parent who lived near at that time. I don't read or listen or watch the news, it has never interested me. There's always more than enough entertainment going on in my house to keep my attention. And, I agree, I should continue to work on loving my neighbor, great plan for sure!!

yeah its right violence is not a good path it make many hates i think its too right to turn of the news and love ur neighbor these words create many thinkig if any one understand and follow these

I remember the LA riots. I was working as an information operator for the telephone company. Customers were telling me the riots were actually working it's way up to Fresno. Yes, turn off the TV, the mind control propaganda machine.

AS i read, the L.A. Riots was a protest against police brutality in America. I had to do a little search on the net to find this article of the Huffington Post : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/29/1992-la-riot-photos_n_7173540.html

I don't listen to news in the first place, journalist are specialist in creating FUD

Well, their whole business model depends on a never-ending steam of drama. If they can't find it, they'll manufacture it!

Lol and if they can't manufacture it, they will manipulate it

Unfortunately that is very true as well. The media has mutated into a 24h propaganda organ of the Government-corporate industrial complex. There aren't any clean journalists left in the system - everyone is pushing a political agenda these days.

Simple but awesome post, I'm in full agreement. Screw the presstitutes and their twisted agenda of division and identity politics!

Your voting will force your voice to give me strength.

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We cannot put people in boxes and label them as blah, blah, blah......Our experiences one on one make an important difference. The Golden Rule never goes out of fashion!

"Turn off the news and love thy neighbour." Psalm 126 (jk :p)

Nonsense violence and hate. People are being paid to push the violence that is separating America. It has to stop and will stop. God Bless America!!

A very interesting and useful post from you @hilarski and I am still very young in this field and maybe I can learn a lot from you about this problem.

Hate and violence begets more hate and violence. What ever happened to the Golden Rule? I know we all grew up with it...

I definitely agree with this sentiment. The news would make us all enemies but we need to join together as one people.

It's too bad that people can only upvote a post once, so I also resteemed 😊.

If people are so upset with these statues why not history books? You can tear down every statue but the history is in a book as well.. kids will still learn about history in school.. these people are a bunch of lunatic babies who should go see a Psychiatrist..

Well-said. There's nothing in the news but propaganda and fake news.

We definitely need a little more peace and love in our society today.

It seems like everything is trying to split all of us apart. Especially the mainstream media. I hope we can reach a time where we don't prejudge people or deem some people subordinate to us.
Great Optimistic Post @hilarski

And most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF! When we love ourselves we do not aggress upon others, we do not drown ourselves in negative inputs. In a state of self love we set healthy boundaries and lead by example through self-care. <3 Much love to you!

Great post my friend!

Terrorism is the greatest enemy to mankind and with proper education and training it can never be eradicated fully from the world.

Hey @hilarski, I mentioned you in my latest post about Steem price :) Talk soon!

I thinks american's you need to live up to your name "united states of america". Thank you.

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Get in touch with a friend you've not seen in a while and go out and have some fun. Too much gloom at the click of a finger, no wonder we are all going nuts.

haahh now this is the best way to stop fake news :)

I was there for the L.A. riots, watched it all live on local news. I lived in Chino Hills at the time. In recent months actually, I've decided to not only turn of MSM (which I did 8 or so years ago), I have also decided to turn of alt news. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer and I am finding much for more love to give to my neighbor.

25 years passed on this case, it was a true lesson for more freedom

Good post