GirlBoss launces a "Linkedin for Women" app

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I love to see women being empowered for real. Plus Linkedin is full of old white men (sausage fest). Girlboss did just that by launching a dubbed "linkedin for women" version where freelancers, female bosses, etc. all have a common place to network. I approve this all the way. I rather work with women lol

On Girlboss’ new professional site, which is available in the US, women entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers can connect directly with like-minded peers and notable industry leaders.


If men have something women can't be a part of its considered sexism and exclusion. If we had a site where only business men were allowed it would be some sexist plot to keep women out of office and out of positions of power but hen it's reversed its applauded and congratulated.

Well women didn’t have rights and weren’t allowed to vote, work and seen as property so any chance women are empowered should be celebrated.

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But just because someone was disadvantaged at some point doesn't mean you reverse the roles now to make it even and give women freedoms men don't have.

You can’t just throw those years of having no rights under the rug like that. It takes some type of compassion to understand these type of things.

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