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RE: Articles and Images Reveal Western Media's Go-To Man On Chemical Attacks In Syria Is White Helmets Manager Ammar Ahmed al-Selmo - An Admitted Jihadist

in #news3 years ago

One of the most informative posts I've seen on this topic. It's great to start having some names and faces attached to this situation. It's what I've been wondering most about really, thanks


In relation to other key terrorist characters involved with the White Helmets I have more here at White Helmets Exposed.

Mouaz Moustafa - here:

and here:

Mansour Aboalkher- The original source of the alleged chemical attack in Ghouta on April 7, 2018 was White Helmets member Mansour AboAlkher.

Hadi Abadallah -

Thank you for the links, I'm on it

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