Crime committed from space leads to great memes

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I would imagine that you have probably heard at least a little bit about the "very first crime ever committed in space." If you haven't, here is a brief recap: NASA astronaut Anne McClain is accused of violation of privacy and misuse of government equipment when she accessed her estranged wife's bank account while not on earth.

this is Anne McClain

It isn't immediately clear as to whether or not using the NASA equipment gave her any sort of special access or if she hacked the account. Anne states that she was given access to it, but her estranged wife, who she is currently getting a rather messy divorce from, seems to think otherwise. Anne claims she is innocent but whether she is guilty or not, this is the first time in history that there have ever been charges filed against someone that was in space at the time.

This really isn't a big deal and I hope that Anne doesn't lose her job over this or anything dumb like that. As tough as it is to go through a breakup I would imagine that it is even harder if you are IN SPACE!

However, there are some really funny, if not a bit misogynistic memes that have come out of all of this and I would like to share a few of them with you.


This one is funnier if you know what Jasper Beardly sounds like and are familiar with his personality on the Simpsons. Whatever.... I thought it was funny


I suppose this isn't technically a meme, but it is a play on how some SJW's use this exact format to attempt to show how men commit much more crime than women do. They just flipped the script.


Now this one could get me in trouble even though I didn't make it... just try to have a sense of humor. It is all about how you can tell that your girlfriend / wife is angry with you, but she won't tell you why. I think that was evident but you never know.

During a particularly bad breakup many years ago for me, I actually accessed things that I probably shouldn't have using the internet also so I can personally relate to the sort of pain that Anne might be going through. It isn't like she stole anything, she was just looking. While this technically IS a crime, it is a very minor one and I hope the crazy activists and the media don't blow this up and try to get her fired or ruin her career.

The good news is that she is a lesbian and she is a woman. The SJW's and the liberal media love those two attributes so she is probably safe. If she had been a straight white dude, he would have already been fired, doxed, and permanently shamed to be made unemployable until he commits suicide.

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NASA is calling their current 'era' the Artemis era. Which is their way of saying that feminism is going to be at the forefront of their initiatives. Unfortunately, these sorts of incidents will only become more common as feminism defeats the space program. The Artemis initiative will bog NASA down as Russia, China, and other nations are improving their space programs. It'll be a miracle if they can get the wheels in motion to prepare for sending people to the moon, much less actually getting the first woman to step foot on the moon. Social justice, which NASA is allowing to eclipse science, will take precedent and be the wall in the way of reaching any sort of goal that NASA looks to achieve with the space program. The money won't be going towards equipment, the science, and preparations for going to the moon. It'll be going to LGBT and/or feminist interest groups.

This is how our space program is going to collapse and never recover. Under the weight of "I want it all" feminism.

I know that is kind of a completely different topic but yeah, that's not a good thing if the above ends up happening.

When i was confirming some of my information I came across some information about how NASA was extremely proud of their "all female spacewalk" but had to cancel it because they didn't have enough female suits.

Of course there was a massive outcry from the perpetually offended SJW community.

Ive felt like NASA was becoming obsolete already when SpaceX launched at a fraction of the cost that NASA spends per launch. These things should be privatized if they can be and if NASA ends up having some sort of SJW agenda that trumps science, that will only expedite the process.

I had someone access my stuff shortly after a breakup as well. It was kind of annoying, but it was also kind of my fault. I should have known better and changed all of my passwords and stuff. I hadn't heard this news story yet, so it is interesting to learn about it here. Some of those memes are definitely pretty funny :)

I really appreciate your update on this. To be sincere this Is the first time I would hear of such issue happening on space and not just that but the issue been done by a woman. I just want to know if the issue is a recent one or it has happened before now.