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RE: Left and Right UNITE to Demand Trump Fire Sessions Over Tyrannical War on Pot

in #news4 years ago

Never going to work. Not sure what else this guy does in his position besides answer to congress about bullshit Russian collusion,however; he is blowing smoke, HA. If Sessions tries anything I think Trump will fire him, the money from legal weed is too good and most accept it.


He did it. It IS working. But watching the resistance from both the left and right makes me optimistic that he will fail at cracking down. I'm fairly certain some of these states would secede just to keep the tax revenue flowing from legal weed.

I just cant see it being successful for him. I dare the states who have made this legal by will of the people to meet any feds with resistance. I dont see the feds getting away with making us step down.

Lawsuits would spring up!!

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