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RE: Are the dates of 'terror' events predictable by analysing numerology used by secret societies?

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Thank you for the link to this old article in your latest post. The topic doesn't get old. Interesting how Marty Leeds has deleted or deactivated the video. He seems to play controlled opposition or deliberately pushes any conspiratorial ideas away from him and his Gematria research. He claims that all English ciphers are stupid and builds on the geometric Septenary cipher. That is an amazing cipher but the English ciphers are clearly connected to Geometry and much more and denying that as a Gematria researcher makes him suspicious in my opinion.

Have you looked into my, or rather Zachary Hubbard's research into August 11, 2019?


I don't listen to Marty much as he definitely does deny things and I don't have time for that. He tends to bow to criticism rather than just stick to the facts. It may just be that he has decided to 'play along' in order to not become an outcast or get shut down from youtube. I don't know.
I hadn't seen the posts about August 11, but I just read most of your post here - it's definitely a date to look out for!