Bloggers Rejoice: Wi-Fi & Mobile Services To Be Allowed In Flights Over India!

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One of the issues I face as a digital nomad is lack of in-flight services when I travel across India. To many this isn’t a major hurdle as many people find it comfortable to rest during flights. I have a tough time doing that and instead prefer to work on my flights.

This workaholic nature keeps me busy at all times. I enjoy it but it bugs that in 2017 we have no Wi-Fi access in-air in the Indian airspace. I always thought it would be epic if it were possible to get high speed internet access mid-air. It would save me a lot of time.


I would love to write content, curate and moderate Steemit.Chat while flying several miles above earth! I might even catch a few crypto pumps which I’ve missed in the past owing to my frequent travels.

TRAI - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued recommendations on in-flight connectivity under which airlines will be allowed to provide these services to their passengers. However, they will need to meet stringent security conditions such as the devices can only be used in flight mode and mobile services can be allowed at an altitude of over 3000 mts.

According to the statement issued in TOI:

"By meeting some requirements, airlines can offer both these services. It is up to them which one to offer and whether to offer them," said a TRAI official. Most airlines globally offer Wi-Fi on board as allowing mobile calls could be too much of a nuisance for fellow travellers.
"Both, Internet and mobile communication on aircraft (MCA) service should be permitted as IFC in the Indian airspace. The operation of MCA services should be permitted with minimum height restriction of 3,000 metres in Indian airspace for its compatibility with terrestrial mobile networks," TRAI says.

I personally don't care so much about mobile network mid-air as much as a strong and affordable internet connectivity. I can accomplish a lot of my work during flights which will ease my burden upon landing. International flights offer these features but Indian regulations have prevented them from providing the same on Indian sectors. Hopefully soon this will change.

However, they will intercept and monitor all activity and I'm not sure that's a good thing entirely. But if you just need to get some work done such as browsing or replying to emails, you should be fine.

In recent times, Indians have taken to air in greater numbers. There's a lot of scope for airlines to offer new services and even charge for these optionals at reasonable prices.

Do you think this move will result in a lot of chatty passengers. People use whatsapp calling and other features quite a lot in India. I wonder if the cabin would get very noisy! Either way this is a welcome move and I'm glad some government agencies such as TRAI are doing a good job, event though they are a little late at it.

Here's a list of airlines offering Wi-Fi onboard!

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I feel you! Having wifi during flight is a good news for me because I can't sleep for even 10 minutes in a 6-hour flight. That is so boring and wasting my time to stay awake for 6 hours without anything I can do.

Wait why do they want to intercept all traffic? Will there be any repercussions if you use encryption? The last thing I’d want is to be deemed suspicious due to a VPN or on the other side of things be hacked due to not using encryption.

Let try another airline

Great news now we can use the sleeping time in the planes working for something

AIR INDIA ... has the worst service period. My experience with them was just horrible.
Implementation of the WIFI service is gonna take at least 6 months .. sad reality
I'm to sad and salty at he moment i guess :P

What about worries concerning usual interference of signals from mobile devices with those from aircraft's avionics system?

Those only happens when cia operatives who failed flight school hijack planes with box cutters, break through pilot cabin doors, fly the planes through the most heavily monitored airspace and defended by 600 billion dollars/year worth of military (more than all other countries combined), and ram them into buildings, magically causing them to collapse perfectly in on themselves, so we could invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nice dear @firepower thanks for sharing this idea keep it up

Wow, I can' believe this. Free wi-fi on board would be cool

The goal would be to have an interconnected world both in space and time. Of course that includes the moments when we travel from one city to another. I think that a valuable tool is Steemit that allows us to save a lot of obstacles. And it significantly improves the transmission of ideas and feelings in real time. Excellent article. Greetings your friend @felixgarciap

Wi-fi allowed? Great! Want to check your emails? No problem. Want to write a Steem article? More power to you. Calls? Please, NO!!

Making calls and having the people around you just chatting on the phone is one quick way to go crazy. You're all trapped in a metal tube that's 30,000ft in the air (approximately 10,000 meters for our metric friends). Flying can be stressful enough without having to listen to someone just yacking away.

I hope this idea doesn't spread.

(Just my opinion)

I think is a goo development in Indian airspace, as for people doing wasap call, i don't think the airline operative will allow that.

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wow this will make easier to publishing.brilliant.

We all need this!!

Its going to take some time before we see good implementation of WiFi on domestic routes in India.

Any idea on what bandwidth you're likely to get on a commercial flight?

This is going to blessing in disguise....👍


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That's some good news:)

bonne ide pourquoi pas

Thanks for sharing !!

Is it real for all airlines...

I enjoyed this in a local flight from the western region to Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. In flight wifi internet access is one of the new features added to Saudi airline. Technology is moving daily.

Oh great! I hope Philippines would allow this too hahaha

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