False... each coin has a limit, so the entire sum has a limit. Any unlimited supply would be worthless. This post is about the hypocrisy and lies Dimon is spreading.

You understand and the others understand it later...

Even if each coin has a limit (some only have an inflationary one) there is still a virtually unlimited supply of new crypto-currencies. you either can't think straight, any crypto currency is part of ''cyrpto currencies'' so regardless of your point, the answer is true. I think I should also insult you, idiot.

LOL... By definition, cryptos have a limited supply so it literally cannot be unlimited. There is always a limit. Yes, more coins can be added etc but there is still a limit. But continue to call me an idiot. Usually, those who have to resort to name calling already lost the debate. Good job though.

read again. Find the word ''new'' think again. die. be reborn.

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