Greg Hunter: Weekly News Wrap-Up for Week Ending 12 April 2019

in news •  7 days ago

Greg Hunter provides a wrap-up of the news during the past week with his own unique commentary and perspective.


  • (00:21) Arrest of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange;
  • (02:52) U.S. President's response to the arrest of Julian Assange;
  • (05:33) U.S. press;
  • (07:25) U.S. Attorney General Barr's statements to U.S. Congress;
  • (10:12) Comments from main stream media;
  • (11:11) Gregory Craig indictment on false statement charges stemming from a foreign lobbying investigation into his work on behalf of Ukraine;
  • (12:31) Larry Kudlow said: U.S. "interest rates may never rise in his lifetime";
  • (12:48) China buying gold and Italy wants their gold back;
  • (14:51) U.S. and China trade talks;
  • (15:34) Dick's Sporting Goods;
  • (17:34) Flooding in the central U.S. farm land and spring snow storm;
  • and more..

21 minute video by Greg Hunter published 11 April 2019


Greg Hunter's YouTube channel: USAWatchDog
USA Watchdog website USA Watchdog
USA Watchdog on SteemIt: @usawatchdog

I am not affiliated with the USAWatchDog, other than being a fan and avid follower of Greg's work.
The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of the USAWatchDog, give Greg's work a wider audience, and direct traffic to his YouTube channel.

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Hunter is good at bringing on economic news and doing good interviews.
Keep sharing so that we can keep up with the news.

A really hard week ended. Economic and political conflict have bern rising for nearly last decade. Thank you for this valuable post.

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Excellent review @etcmike, I learned a lot of new news from the world of politics and economics!

Great job.
Thanks for sharing Greg Hunter interview series Mike sir.

Posted using Partiko Android

This is all fake news. It has not been sanctioned by the revolutionary workers party of Great Britain, led by me and Mrs Abbott.

When I'm PM this sort of filth will be banned, and only none-hateful, sanitised news produced by the BBC will be know, the stuff that hasn't passed through the hands of Jews.

Please immediately report to a re-education camp to have your opinions straightened out. You can begin by reading my introductory manifesto here

Thank you for the information

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