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RE: Introducing SteemBet - the Next-generation Steem-based Gaming Platform

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Sounds great but you have provided very few details.

  • Do you have a website?
  • How do you play?
  • When are you launching?
  • Who is behind this project?
    I am looking forward to hearing more.

254 Resteems and counting. I guess we'll find out more in 6 days :)

The problem aren't the resteems, the problem are the upvotes they got from big accounts... in 7 days they can just grab all the STEEM and cashout, or grab all the STEEM send it to binance convert to monero send it to another account convert it back to STEEM and send it to their real steem account without anyone ever finding out... quick cashgrab without no effort, meanwhile there are people doing their best to get that same STEEM...

I would only upvote this if more info was provided, i won't even resteem, don't trust these guys, it's crypto after all, scammers are all around us!

Not really that many big votes, they bought the post for the most part.

They have a week :)

From my math they got 161 from paid bots, which means they've made 18$ so far, let's see how much they got by the end of this... I hope they have a working product though, STEEM really needs more devs and programmers pushing dapps left and right! Fingers crossed!

They can just retire right away on that 18 $. Common I'm sure you can do better.

True true... I'll give you that one aahahah, still, those 18$ are sometimes a full steemian earnings in 3 weeks of posting (my earnings for example), just saying... And don't tell me you are not at least a tiny bit suspicious of this whole no details given thing, I can't be the only one, I know I'm more suspicious than the average person it's my problem but also a virtue sometimes, especially in this space full of scammers...

I'm suspicious even for all so-called legit projects on steem. Like it or not, we all here for the money. If someone claims opposite he's lying.

I'm into cryptos for the money, especially trading... on STEEM I'm more about the blogging part, I like to use STEEM to put the knowledge I gather through studying into words, it really consolidates the whole thing... I don't even get that much through rewards so I can't be in it for the money xD

The only project I think it's legit on steem is Steemmonsters, besides that one I don't see any really good projects on it... Some of the projects that the community gets all hyped about are actually really bad that will have no future... won't name any in particular but I see some "projects" with high supplies and no real demand for them in the future which is every indicator of a future failed project! People should really learn the basics of supply and demand...

I agree, more info please!!


it's our first game demo screenshot.

A screenshot? I can literally go to fiverr and pay 5 bucks to get something similar... this is crypto, the amount of scammers we have in the space makes a fatguy in mcdonald's look good!
A video would be better, and even better would be to have a big STEEM personality checking ur code and checking if the whole thing is legit... I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's just that more info should have been provided, site, token supply, etc... And the worst part is u guys telling us u got millions of users already without telling us where! That sounds even more scammy!