Teenage Social-Media Influencer Danielle Cohn Is Better Off With Adult Boyfriend

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In 1972, a notorious child molester named Kenneth Parnell kidnapped a 7-year-old boy named Steven Stayner. Mr. Parnell kept this boy captive for 7 years and committed all sorts of sexual atrocities against him. After Stephen Stayner escaped from Mr. Parnell, eventually Mr. Parnell was arrested and criminally charged. Mr. Parnell was convicted, but he only served a modest amount of time behind bars for what he did.

A television miniseries was eventually made about this same tragedy, and it was titled I Know My First Name Is Steven. The producers of this miniseries took dramatic license with the events behind this tragedy and showed a scene of Steven Stayner asking his mother for permission to get married at the age of sixteen to his 16-year-old girlfriend in the miniseries. In real life, he was 20 years old and his girlfriend (Jody Edmonson) was 17 years old when they got married in 1985. They remained married until his death in 1989.

After finding out how old Mr. Stayner and his wife really were when they got married, it brought up the question in my mind on why the producers of I Know My First Name Is Steven decided to rewrite history in the miniseries so that Mr. Stayner and his wife were both 16-year-old high school sweethearts instead of their actual ages when they had gotten married. Then what came to mind was all the uproar that stirred up in 2007 when Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant with Casey Aldridge’s baby. At the time, Jamie Lynn Spears was 16 years old and Casey Aldridge was 19 years old, and the public kept talking about the possibility that Casey Aldridge could have been charged with statutory rape inasmuch as he was an adult and Ms. Spears was below the statutory age of consent in their state jurisdiction.

Now, I didn’t think that the 3-year age difference between Ms. Spears and Mr. Aldridge was anything to get excited about back in 2007. However, people were going berserk all over social media back then and acting as though a major sex crime had been committed. Luckily, Mr. Aldridge was never charged with any crime, and he and Ms. Spears worked out their situation at hand. Nevertheless, here in the land of milk and honey, the court of public opinion always gets riled up whenever a girl and her boyfriend are on opposite sides of the legal age line no matter how close in age difference they are.

Nevertheless, it is probably all for the better that the producers of I Know My First Name Is Steven decided to take dramatic license to make Steven Stayner and Jody Edmonson both to be the exact same age as each other in that miniseries when they got married, because Mr. Stayner was like a hero to everyone who was pushing for tougher laws to punish perpetrators of sex crimes against children. I would not doubt that Steven Stayner being an adult marrying an underage girl might not sit very well with some of the self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts who worship him.

Then again, after the producers of that same miniseries decided to depict Steven Stayner and Jody Edmonson as two 16-year-old sweethearts wanting to get married, Fraidy Reiss of Unchained At Last and Jeanne Smoot of the Tahirih Justice Center might not wrap their heads around it all too gracefully in view of their mission to outlaw any marriage before the age of eighteen here in the land of milk and honey. Of course, that is another Steemit article for another time. Because of the activities of those two women that have been heating up in recent months, I will be revisiting the subject of underage adolescent marriage and why these women don’t have our nation’s best interest at heart in pushing their agenda on everyone. Right now I would like to lay out the facts concerning a situation that has been brewing in the social-media atmosphere for some time.

A. Danielle Cohn’s Relationship With Mikey Tua Stirred Up Controversy In Spite Of Its Favorable Circumstances

In recent years, YouTubers have gone stark raving mad over what they view to be the controversy over the romantic relationship between Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua. In 2018, Mikey Tua saved Danielle Cohn’s life in a car accident. Shortly thereafter, they started dating as a couple. Below is a YouTube video wherein Danielle describes the events surrounding her car accident and Mr. Tua’s role in saving her life.

Mikey Tua Saved Danielle Cohn From Dying In A Car Accident

Over the course of the year, Mikey had always treated Danielle with respect. They were happy together. Therefore, one has to ask what problem could all of these YouTubers possibly have had with their relationship?

Well, the public at large had one problem. They were four years apart in age difference rather than two years apart in age difference and Danielle was a minor. When Danielle first hooked up with Mikey in 2018, they had the world believing that Danielle was 14 years old and Mikey was 16 years old. Mikey was, in fact, 16 years old back then, but it quickly came out into the open that Danielle was really only 12 years old.

Now, I don’t think that a 4-year age difference for adolescents in romantic relationships is such a big deal out in Southern California. When actress Drew Barrymore was 13 years old back in the 1980s, she even once had stated to journalists from The National Enquirer that 13 years old wasn’t very young in that neck of the woods. Moreover, Ms. Barrymore was 13 years old when she was dating an 18-year-old actor named Keith Coogan, and they never had any problems in their relationship to the best of my knowledge. Mr. Coogan was a clean-cut boy, and he was definitely not a sexual deviant of any kind. Of course, American society has become feistier than ever regarding the age factor in teenage relationships since then, and the public at large is more ready to make knee-jerk reactions at everything that appears even slightly unconventional to them in that regard.

Danielle and Mikey withstood an outrageous amount of criticism and antagonism about their age difference as a couple over the course of the year that they were first an item. However, the social pressures became too much for both of them and they broke up despite that they really wanted to stay together. Danielle’s father, Dustin Cohn, was not very happy about the relationship either. By then, Danielle was 13 years old and Mikey was 17 years old. The YouTube video below provides you with some idea of what those social pressures involved.

YouTuber Sister Spill Gives Her Take On The Break-Up Of Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua In 2019

As far as I know and according to what Danielle has stated on her YouTube channel, Danielle and Mikey Tua never had sexual relations with each other throughout the time that they were initially together. However, Danielle submitted to the public outcry and agreed to break off her relationship with Mikey in 2019 despite that it was more than obvious that they had a promising future together as a couple.

B. Danielle Cohn Hooked Up With A Boy Close To Her Own Age Who Only Turned Her Life Into A Nightmare

Danielle Cohn subsequently hooked up with a boy close to her own age after her break-up with Mikey Tua. His name was Ethan Fair. The irony of it all was that this punk pressured her into having sexual intercourse with him and got her pregnant. She was 13 years old and he was 15 years old at the time. It’s somewhat of a joke that his last name is “Fair,” because he is far from being fair about anything.

After Danielle told Ethan Fair that she was pregnant with his baby, Ethan turned against her like a betraying angel. He got really hateful and ugly with her and told her that he wanted her to get rid of the baby. Then he bailed on her, and she ended up going through the abortion all by herself at the age of thirteen. In my previous Steemit article titled “Is Pedophilia Merely A Figment Of The Imagination?,” I embedded a video of Danielle describing her ordeal with Ethan. YouTuber Anna Oop gives details about the situation in her YouTube video below.

YouTuber Anna Oop Explains How Ethan Fair Betrayed Danielle Cohn

Female YouTubers and other female social-media influencers are currently attempting to get Ethan Fair “cancelled.” My response to their actions is that while they’re at it, they should also find a way to rake Levi Johnston and Isaac Frausto over the coals for causing so much pain and suffering to their respective teenage baby mamas. Ethan and other deadbeat teenage fathers like him should be drafted into the military on their eighteenth birthday.

Whenever something of this nature happens, teenage boys come flying out of the woodwork everywhere on social media and always have this one same gripe. They will complain, “Why is it always the boy’s fault?” Well, it’s usually the boy’s fault, because he usually leaves the underage girlfriend holding the bag after he finds out that she’s pregnant. Moreover, the boy is the one who usually pressures the girl into having sexual intercourse rather than the other way around, although there have been a few isolated cases of sexual aggression from teenage girls here and there that have led young boys to make a decision that they later regretted. Ethan is clearly the one who did wrong here.

At the end of the day, the court of public opinion could have spared Danielle all of this pain and agony if they had left well enough alone when she was still together with Mikey Tua. Mikey would not have pressured Danielle into having sexual intercourse with him before she felt ready to do so, and he definitely would not have gotten her pregnant at 13 years old. Also, Mikey definitely is not and never has been a pedophile despite what any self-righteous busybodies have said about him.

Mikey and Danielle got back together afterwards. Mikey was willing to take Danielle back as his girlfriend despite that she had become pregnant with another boy’s baby and had gotten an abortion. I have never been keen about abortions, but a big part of me can understand how Danielle felt cornered and desperate upon finding out that she could become a mother long before she felt ready to do so.

Mikey is now 18 years old and Danielle is only 14 years old. However, the court of public opinion needs to stop treating Mikey as though he is another Phillip Garrido or Brian David Mitchell merely because he is slightly older than what American society may view to be the norm in terms of his relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Mikey saved Danielle from dying in a car accident two years ago. He came back to her, even though I would not doubt that she was worried that he would view her to be damaged goods. Mikey never behaves like anyone who has a big ego. He has a sense of humility that most young men his age of his socioeconomic stature don’t have.

C. My Conclusion To This Topic

The court of public opinion doesn’t always know what is best for celebrities and other important people in the spotlight. Danielle Cohn had a good relationship with Mikey Tua in 2018 and 2019, but self-righteous busybodies would not leave them alone and continued to hound them about their age difference and the fact that Danielle was a pre-teen when they both came to be. They both broke up in 2019 not because they no longer were in love with each other but rather because of surmounting social pressures from the court of public opinion.

Despite what society may feel about romantic relationships in which a boyfriend is more than two years older than the pre-teenage or teenage girl he is dating, Danielle’s particular ordeal with an underage boy was proof on its own that she would have been much better off staying with her older boyfriend (Mikey Tua) than ever getting involved with a boy the same age as her (Ethan Fair). Even though Ethan was almost the same age as Danielle, he pressured her into having sexual intercourse with him and then ultimately betrayed her after she announced to him that she was pregnant with his child at the age of thirteen.

Even though some people may argue that Ethan should be given a break inasmuch as he was only 15 years old at the time that Danielle announced her pregnancy to him, he was still old enough to know that he was harming Danielle in using her the way he did and treating her abusively after finding out that she was expecting his child. Ethan is a skunk and he stinks to high heaven. In any event, the Puritanical Establishment is not always right about everything, and it could not have been more wrong this time.

If all the self-righteous busybodies on YouTube had minded their own business and allowed Danielle and Mikey to prosper in their initial relationship after its outset in 2018, Danielle could have avoided the nightmare that she endured at the hands of Ethan. This poor, young girl is going to suffer psychological scars in years to come because of it, but, fortunately, Mikey will continue to be her knight in shining armor. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Mikey someday married Danielle and started a family with her.

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I agree that there is a fine line between love and taking advantage of a young person and I admire your courage (and conclusions) in making this post.

There are people of 20 years old who are far more naive and innocent than many 14 year olds, so it is not the age that should only determine the relationship.

It is a difficult subject to write about, but I also believe that 18 should not be the age of becoming an adult.

I do not know if you saw the post I made about the WHO demanding we teach children from 3 years old about sex and masturbation. If the globs push this through, what then? If those kids go to older kids for sex, do we arrest them - or do we arrest the WHO people (and the globs) who caused the problem?

Thank you, arthur.grafo. Yeah, I'm not particularly happy about the way the World Health Organization has been conducting its business affairs in recent years. I'll go ahead and give that article of yours a look. :-)

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