Watch Videos and get rewarded with free tokens on a decentralized Video sharing Platform !!!

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Sign up now and get 50 Tokens for free:


Woah! Long time no see. Good to see you back! Will check this out. Thanks!

Good to see you back in the ranks elyaque.

This sounds like a winner all the way around.....appreciate you bringing the information to Steemians.


You are welcome :)

Let us try it.

Thank you for good Tipps, and welcome back!

registering with your ref link

Wow, thanks for the great information @elyaque, I'm registering :)

Seems everyone is jumping on the video bandwagon including Steem with Dtube, but I see Viuly is paying people to watch. I will take a look at it.

Thanks for posting.

I registered, but I do not understand what to do with these coins.

If you watch videos or upload content you get rewarded, looks like they are still not on the exchanger, but I get some Airdrop from them, so I have it in my ETH Wallet,guess soon you can sell the tokens on the exchangers....

Great platform

I cant understand how to receive rewards?

You recive tokens, which you can later exchange for BTC for example...

Cannot receive token. How about get it? I dont understand

Great information after long time @elyaque.

Fabulous one!!!

Wow excellent info. great video
Upvote Resteem

thanks for sharing this video.

excellent video post.. I enjoyed your video. loving to your blog.

FYI: The VIU tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thats how I discovered it, got some free tokens couple of days ago....

I does, um, sound a lot like Viewly, though.

wow i am so happy to see you back posting on steemit again because i am addicted to your blog and i am checking it daily, glad to see your post again after 19 days and thanks for giving us the nice tip friend, i am checking it out now.

It's distributed 70% nice video.

Awesome buddy

It's distributed 85% nice video. Thanks for sharing @elyaque

Thanks for sharing!

great news

nice post, thanks....

Hello is good to know about you I try it too

thank you for this information about free token

You're finally back at #Steemit - why were you gone for so long? :)

I was pissed with Steemit, because it was unuseable for a while....

Haha, yep it was bad for a while. Have you tried yet?

Just use d.Tube oder
No need for another ICO

Do you get paid there by just only watching the Videos?

wow this is freaking cool great to see you @elyaque after a very long time

Fabulous one!!!,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks for this information..........///////

Nice i joined today :)

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