Your Invitation to Dark Decentralized

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Dark Decentralized is supposed to be a free haven on steem

A place where you can write about the dark corners of the self, about what or who is hunting you, or what you are perving at at night.

I will not moderate, no let me rephrase that ... i will only moderate if people are taking advantage of the freedoms they are given here

This community is supposed to grow into a free haven for the dark, the demented and the outcasts on steem

So feel free to post your DARK Art


Your DARK Music

  • Just post whatever you want ....
  • I just hope to give likeminded people a plaform here, as an experiment to fnd likeminded people ...
  • who knows where we go from here? I just hope that you join will me (because, yes, at this moment it is just me ...
  • and i just stepped in this without any preparation, without thinking.... (just how i would like to see you guys and girls posting here, free,,open and honest)

So please join Dark Decentralized here


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