Fake news was best in the old days

in news •  3 years ago 

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for December 14, 2016)

Image of ENMN

Why the sudden uproar over "fake news"? Apparently, because many on the political Left blame so-called fake news for Trump's election.

There has always been fake news. Nineteenth century newspapers were peppered with delicious tales of sea monsters, mysterious airships, and ape men presented as news. Today, press releases from government agencies are routinely presented without disclaimers. Both are likely to be outlandish fiction...read the rest...

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i can't wait for the sea monkey invasion! there were 900+ year old people in the bible, and a virgin birth. i wonder how many of what we know today as myths, were presented to the people at the time as real news. cyclops, grendel, the feathered serpents, who knows how much bull has been sold to the people, by the control freaks? ...and now, the fake news is that real news is fake, because the government says so. it reminds me of the time that the indiana house passed a bill declaring that PI was to be redefined as 3.2. i hope the sea monkeys are better at math.