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Hellow fellows

from now on a new promotion service will be available. below you will find all info needed.

How to register?

Registration is automatic every time a new delegation is made.
Removing the delegation will remove the registration too.

Config File

On registration the following config file will be created:

usernameyour_usernameyour steem username
collectedAmount0total pending payment (in STEEM)
paymentThreshold0.5 STEEM0.5 STEEM <= paymentThreshold <= 100 STEEM
onThresholdPaymentfalseauto-payment every time collectedAmount>=paymentThreshold

Payment Threshold will reduce the blockchain unnecessary entries by doing bigger transfers instead of what we see today ( payments to a lot users with a transfer of 0.002 STEEM ).
This will make blockchain healthier.

Eligible Posts

Post age must not be older than 3.5days at the time of promotion.


Minimum payment is 0.1 STEEM and you must include URL in memo to get the upvote.
if there are more transfers in the current transfer round then you will get a vote equal to your_transfer_amount/total_transfers_amount percentage.
Invalid URLs will be refunded.
To ensure that delegators will earn more as Steem Power increases the minimum payment value will be dynamically adjusted based on total SP delegation.


Earnings will be split on the following categories:

  1. 90% of all eligible upvote transfers made by users will be shared among delegators based on their SP delegation.
  2. 10% will be used to maintenance and future upgrades / functionalities.

SP Delegation

Minimum 100SP delegation is required to be a registered member and benefit from this service.
This is subject to change in future to follow the grow of steem community and total Steem Power delegation.
100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.


Below you will find all available commands

Command Namesyntaxdescription
!requestpayment!requestpayment()Withdraw all collected amount (collectedAmount >= 0.5 STEEM).
!requestpayment(selectedAmount)Withdraw selectedAmount STEEM (0.5 STEEM <= selectedAmount <= collectedAmount
!setpaymentthreshold!setpaymentthreshold(selectedAmount)Set minimum threshold for payment (threshold >=0.5 STEEM).
!setinstantpayment!setinstantpayment(true/false)Enable/Disable instant payment.
!setinstantpayment(true/false,selectedAmount)Enable/Disable instant payment and set new threshold (threshold >=0.5 STEEM)

commands can be used as comments in this post or as transfers including command_mode:
!setpaymentthreshold(1) as comment = command_mode:!setpaymentthreshold(1) as memo in transfer

Delegators / Stats


Thank you for your time!!!


@dragonblades I have been far from steem and all crypto for more than a year and a half ... reading your post ( about new things) and few others' posts ( about steempeak and other new dapps ... even to view the cmercial ad spaces on steemit make me feel like I have been away for centuries lol

STEEM is a great crypto.
you can create anything you want with the support and power of blockchain.
we will be happy to have you back

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