The Protect And Serve Act Is Unnecessary And Potentially Harmful

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The Protect and Serve Act has been introduced to both the House and the Senate and the legislation is currently pending. What the legislation will do, if passed, is establish a federal hate crime for anyone who is found guilty of assaulting a police officer. That could come with up to 10 years behind bars.

Why might this legislation be unnecessary?

Because there are already laws on the books, at both the federal and state levels, that punish such behavior. As well, killings of police officers have allegedly been on the decline for several decades. In recent years there has arguably been more skepticism expressed however for the law enforcement community, coupled with various media posts that have questioned police brutality and accountability.

This widespread discontent with the current state of affairs has frequently been portrayed as “a war” that's being waged and this sort of legislation, Protect and Serve Act, is what comes about as a response.

It's hard to believe that in any community in the US or elsewhere, that any assault against an officer would be taken lightly, to the point that they would need to take this drastic a move, introducing this legislation to supposedly protect them.

Some suspect that this new legislation, with the threat of such hefty jail time, might persuade many victims of police brutality from voicing their concerns and officially filing any complaints.

Not only that, but we have also seen at many political demonstrations that it can easily turn violent, with many people being pushed and shoved and they might end-up bumping into an officer. And there is the potential for those who participate, even if their intentions are peaceful, that they might see a federal charge against them as a result of their actions.

The media has labeled the new bill as being a beneficial new tool that will provide police officers with protection, but again there are already laws at various levels that provide these protections for officers. And critics of the bill have suggested that it is only going to further fuel a misguided and divisive narrative that there is a war being waged.

A variety of groups have already expressed their discontent with the proposed changes, and they are groups like the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and others. They assert that the legislation is unnecessary for a variety of reasons. They have suggested that law enforcement haven't historically been a persecuted group that's experienced systemic discrimination and that these sorts of bills appear to be a clear response to growing public demand for accountability.



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Excellent writing friend now if you want to enforce the laws and want respect, this resembles what we are living in Venezuela that after so many years the government in power now if they want to enforce the laws at their convenience

Amazing post @doitvoluntarily. Lots of great info always. Following you for more 👌

Great topic @doitvoluntarily

Violence against police officers remains at historically low levelsand there is no reason for state and local authorities to take such crime seriously.

Police are far from being a helpless minority group that requires federal intervention to save them from the indifference or hostility of state and local governments

The media has described the new bill as a new beneficial tool that will provide protection for police officers, but again there are laws in place at various levels that provide these protections for officers..... And critics of the bill have suggested that it will only further fuel a mistaken and divisive narrative that there is a war going on...

It sounds illogical that now, if the laws are going to be respected, it is that the others have not been able to interpret themselves? This reminds me of the words of the government of my country, that after more than 20 years in power, it turns out that now if they would enforce the laws, after reading these things, it is no longer known who to believe in.

They have suggested that law enforcement haven't historically been a persecuted group

Well, these groups are incorrect.
A police state always ends with all the police being dead.
So, historically, ... all the people in blue suits should quit their jobs and move to an area (perhaps out of the country) where no one knows them.

But really, these laws are designed to make it easier for cops to arrest anyone. It is just the first wave of such laws. Just like Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about in Gulag Archipelago

So, i really suggest to any thin blue line people, that you actively campaign against this law.

It's a pity that the government is going further to protect the police and law enforcement which I regard necessary but not when such laws already exist.I think they should look more into the cases of police brutality and introduce measures to curtail these acts.


Unfortunately laws against murder don't protect people at all from murder, nor do laws against Theft, Drugs, or anything else protect anyone or anything against that they're presented as a solution for . What makes people steal, murder and ultimately hate is socioeconomic factors. In the same way, police presence and patrolling doesn't make crime decrease, because it's socioeconomic factors that affect the murder rate and crime rate, factors such as the purchasing power of income per household/capita, along with factors such as the value and utility of education which in the vast majority of the world is ultimately at the whims of treasonous policy makers that themselves are ruled from continents away by Rothschild bankers who determine by a few keystrokes everyone's financial futures.

There's no need for Law Enforcement for the people, what the people are owed is Peace Keeping Peace Officers and the law of peace, and not be mischaracterized as Citizens of a corporate entity instead of Free, Sovereign and Independent acting in a Private not public capacity as a citizen or servant of the state does. We won't have the law of peace without a massive education campaign demanding what we are owed or booting the treasonous vermin out.

from Judge Anna:

The actual PDF.

ouate. de. PHOQUE?! (what the f*, phonetically spelled in French). Hate crime legislations are already quite subjective as they are, now THAT?

Wonderful friendly publication, it is shameful that the government wants to protect the police, the respect is earned if the police are like the one in Venezuela it is really painful that the law is approved

All I see is a lot of police brutality on social media and what not. Where is all the legislation for making sure the officer is a competent one? That's is what I wanna know.

Like where is the training here?


Well, at least the guards that you're incarcerated with, after you get put in jail by an idiot, are somewhat intelligent in comparison. Maybe... Haha


I'd rather have compassion though lol.


I wish they did too. Should be a type of prerequisite when being a public servant. Protect and Serve. I think that is a motto.

this news is really incredible, now that the spersonas have tired of the police brutality and saler to be heard, the agencies resort to the law for their own protection. The truth does not surprise me, it is always all in their favor.
Thank you very much dear friend @doitvoluntarily for sharing this news
I wish you a beautiful night

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck to you and have a nice day :)