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RE: Right Sector and Svoboda in Ukraine Hold Massive Torchlight March in Honor of WW2 Nazi Collaborator Stephan Bandera

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Informative post, my mother-in-law was born near these locations at about the same time. Now I am curious to ask and learn more about her life. Her mother passed a few years back. I would have loved an opportunity to learn her experiences.


Family links always make the research and discovery more personal, and I thoroughly encourage you to research it deeply as history is corrupted over time by the 'winning' side in war.

Family stories are what also led me to look deeper on the subject of WW2. My nan was in Dagenham East London which was one of the most heavily bombed areas in the UK during WW2. She told me how the German Stuka bombers would fly following the Thames River and when they saw the factory lights of Dagenham and Barking at night they would start dropping their bombs early so they could get out of there without being shot down by British anti-aircraft guns. She witnessed many deaths and felt responsible for a few herself due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was charged with looking after a little boy whose mother had to attend the funeral of his brother who had been killed by bombing. Then while taking the child to the public loo the building was hit by a bomb and that son was killed also. My nan had to explain this to the mother who was returning from her other sons funeral. She felt she was at fault. Her own children (my uncle and mother) were sent to Scotland for safety at the time. Thus, her stories gave me impetus to study the origins of the conflict and how different countries were drawn in. Alas, that research has now led me to create the Clarity of Signal website where I endeavour to expose the global elitists that profit from horrific war and human suffering.

My wife said she was born in Rowne in 1944. Look at how close that is on your map. My wife also said that her grandpa had to remarry because locals had killed his first wife. My wife's mom has a half sister back in Poland who is from the first wife. This story is taking a twist for me personally now I am really interested. My mother-in-law will visit soon so I can learn more.