People's struggle for Palestine

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[Mithun Chakma is one of the fighters of the country's tribal inhabitants. Not only is the right of indigenous people to imagine Mithun has always been vocal about various irregularities in personal struggles against injustice. Mithun passed the postgraduate from Dhaka University with the United People's Democratic Entrance (UPDF) politics of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Mithun, 38, was shot deceased by terrorists this 12 months on January 3 this year.

Regarding domestic national politics as well as regular research on international national politics. The liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, the history and politics of the land was re-published on its basis.

A brief history of the Palestinian territories

The geographically and strategically important Palestinian territories are located at the border point of the three continents, Okazaki, japan, Europe and Africa. In times past, this region has recently been known as a crossroads, from ethnicities including culture-religion-economics and politics. This region is written in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Various prophets were born in this region. Therefore, this region has seen significant significance in the generations of Islam-Christian and Judaism religion.

Once the name of this region was 'Kanan'. During the 1150-10000 BC, this region was ruled by Egypt. Actually, Palestinians, Jews and Middle easterns, or the individuals of the ethnic group or group of folks then lived in this area. During the 700th century BC, this region went under Assyrian rule and the Palestinians lost their kingdom. Then simply the Persians occupied the area.

Later the Journal took control of the location. Then the name of this region was Judea, and then your Jews existed there. In Christianity sixty six to 70, the Jews organized resistance movement against the Romans. About one particular million people died in this fight.

In 115-7 AD another war was organized. From 132 to 136 BC, Bar-Kokhba warfare took place. In this, the Jews reached the edge of destruction, and from there some of them proceeded to go away. The dominion of the Christians was founded by the conquest of the Romans. The Christian believers ruled the area from 300 to 650 BC. Then the Muslim rulers in the area could take control of them.

Jews returned after the Muslim rulers came to power. Until the Religious 1000th century, Muslims could rule the region. In that case the Crusade or the Crusades started between Christian believers and Muslims. Until 1250, there was a battle between them, and at some time the Christian believers were able to earn, but sometimes Muslims could be victorious. After this Turkistan surely could maintain their dominance in a few time in the 15th century. To get hundreds of years this Christian-Jews and Muslims have attempted to keep themselves under the control of the holy city Jerusalem for all of them.

Involving the 17th century and the twentieth century, the within the rise of the rulers of these three religious communities. Among 1798 and 1800 Napoleon occupied the Jordan area, including this region. Later on it returned to the Turks' hands again. The Turks became weak and Britain and France agreed upon the Sykes-Picot on May well 16, 1916. According to this agreement, the European Empire would be weakened after the end of World War I. And because of this weakness, Turkey will lose control over its real rule. The agreement that the British and Italy would value to take good thing about this possibility to occupy any region of the Ottoman Empire at a later date would have recently been the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Appropriately, the Palestinian territory proceeded to go to Britain. At the conclusion of 1917, Britain surely could take up several territories, including Ottoman Empire of Turkey, including Gaza-Jerusalem in Palestine.


On 2 Nov 1917, British Foreign Admin Robert Arthur James composed a letter to Adam Barlow's leader of Zionist / Judaism movement, Souverain Rothschild. In this, this individual wrote, "I am very pleased to see you on behalf of the govt that as a sympathizer to the Zionist hope of the Jews, the following declaration has recently been announced, that can be presented and approved in the cabinet or case at the same time. In a brief notification, he then made a mention of the government's view on behalf of the Jewish visitors to provide a national territory in the Palestinian territories.

In 1919, he wrote in a memorandum, "Whatever Judaism is right or incorrect, its importance is more than 7 million Middle easterns. " Palestine's population was 750, 000. Of them, 7 million were Palestinian.

The resistance struggle of the Arab-Palestinians in 1936-39

After the declaration of the Balfour, the Jews started moving towards making their country. They tried to spread their dominance, superiority. Jews from different places have found the Middle east territories. Palestinian Arabs called for strikes and demonstration rallies in metropolis area in October 1936 for the occupation of britain, against the aggression of Jews and for business of rights. The then Palestinian leader, Khalil al-Sakakini, called for 'junking the life struggle' to find the rights. But The united kingdom suppresses this protest in a rigid hand. Following that, the 1937 Arabic Palestinians continued to dedicate violent protests. Britain also vigorously took steps to stop protests. With this deal with, 2 thousand Arab mma fighters die. 108 individuals were hanged.

Fainful or dedicated sacrifice

Six-year-old Islamic scholar Sheikh Ejjedin Kashmam On The fall of 12, 1935, urged the formation of a federated or devoted army against the far-reaching conspiracy of the Jews. He gathered thousands of young users. He started suicide assault with them. And at one stage he was martyrdom of the attack. Because a result of this initiative, there has recently been a wave of arising among Arab Palestinians. His ideals of creating level of resistance among the Arabs were created.

This initial have difficulties of the Palestinians failed. Nonetheless they still did not stop. Simultaneously the activities of the formation of the Israeli state of Israel continued.

Israel's beginning as the rise of the Jewish nation or perhaps the state

Jewish religion is the religion of the individuals of the ethnic source of the Jewish faith. The present Israel or Palestine area is discovered as the birth place of this religion. This is said in the Jewish scripture that Legislation Jews lived in some Palestinian areas or in some elements of Israel, more than a thousand or even more years before Christ's labor and birth.

According to history, it was known that in this field, the empire of 'Juda' was present. The people of this Judeah state are called the ancestors of the Jewish nation. But also in the 7th century BC, this kingdom was defeated by the new Assyrian contr?le. The Jewish individuals have to flee from their homeland. Within a period of many years, they extended to various places around the world. However, by preserving their religious historical past culturally, they are able to survive. Plus they experienced many dangers and started out to grow in many places in several places like business, arts, literature and science. At one time they felt that they needed their own homeland. There are many ways on the globe to be persecuted and be persecuted.

Theodore Harazel, a Jew named Theodore Harajel, gave his first recognition to establish his own homeland. He was a journalist. He worked in an influential magazine of France. He called for a summit in 1897 at a place called Bazel in Switzerland. The earth Jewish Organization was formed in this seminar. He was elected director of this organization.

Only at that conference, he said that the organization of a Jewish nation recognized under international law can easily end the misery of the Jewish nation. Keeping this objective in mind, he can trying to create open public judgment and get help from influential countries of the world. Besides, this individual proposes to acquire cash from the wealthy Jews living in several regions of the world to provide the money needed to take up this work. Although firstly, the wealthy or influential Jewish people do not help to start with. Nevertheless, the common Jewish people spontaneously assisted.

Within just this initiative, Jewish market leaders started out to organize themselves secretly. As part of their implementation of the agenda for forming a country, they undertook to rehabilitate the Jewish inhabitants in Palestine, Tel Aviv and other areas. The area and the adjoining areas were then unwelcoming. These areas were generally owned by landlord-rich people moving into cities or in remote areas. The Jews tried to buy it from the zamindars and also the rich at the expense of hundreds and hundreds of acres in this area. Besides, they bought places from ordinary local Middle easterns. And they used to force the places to take possession of them from many. In this way they were in a position to take control of the vast area themselves.

In that case they move forward to determine a separate homeland for themselves. They continue to campaign for the creation of a homeland on their own by means of collected funds and influential Jews. At the same time, they continue to force themselves in their own manpower and weapon.
On May 18, 1948, they called for formation associated with an independent Legislation state.
Even today, this point out has had the capacity to show its strength and it seems that this pattern will continue for many more years in the future.

The United Nations around the world decision to double Middle east

On 29 November 1947, the United Nations Standard Assembly chose to divide Middle east or Palestine territory on the basis of image resolution or resolution of 181 (2). That decision is said to give 56. 47 percent of Palestine's total land for the Jewish state and 43. 53 percent for Arabic Palestinians. The Arabs wasn't able to believe this decision of the United Nations. Although the Jews accept it and on this most basic they continue to form their own country.

Based on the United Nations decision, there were two states called Palestine and Israel, but in May 1948, there was a Settlear express or country called His home country of israel. The Arab-Israeli war happened centered around this statehood. Israel adopts many muslims of the Palestinian areas by exercising its buff power or power. Even though metropolis of Jerusalem was said to be operated on a special international regime, His home country of israel also occupied the city. This city is principally considered as a holy place for Islam-Christian and Judaism religious people. According to the Un decision, His home country of israel occupied 26 percent of the area that was supposed to be produced in Palestine or Middle east. Meanwhile, Jews from different parts of the world came to Israel in good sized quantities and on the other hand, about several million Palestinian everyone was out of place from their land to become displaced in that year.

In June 1967, 6 days war between Israel and Arabs had taken place from 5th to 10th. In this warfare, Israel occupied Egypt from Egypt and defeated Gaza Strip and the Sinai Valley, Jordan, and captured the west coast and East Jerusalem and Golan Plateau from Syria. In October 1973, Israel was again fighting with Egypt and Syria. Israel's Bidman took the initiative to solve the occupied lands with parties.

The fight of self-respect in Karamah conflict

In March 1968 His home country of israel invaded Palestinian refugees in Jordan. On 21st Mar, Israeli forces crossed the Jordan River, with 12-15, 000 soldiers and warheads. During this time, about 4 hundred fenugreek or dedicated sacrificial fighters portrayed the determination to stand against this force with light machine guns, antitank songs and light players. The fight for the Palestinians became the combat of self-respect. The reason for engaging in this unequal fight with the Israeli forces is that the Palestinians feel that if the Palestinians cannot avoid the fight in His home country of israel, they will become perdant to the world's people, their national status will be mixed with dirt. They may be determined that they will not allow Israelites return. There is an immense amount of damage to Israeli causes in this war of Karam. About 150 people of the Palestinians were favored by fighter martyrdom or fidayeen martyrdom.

The bravery and valorous role of the Palestinians in this war revolves around the Arab world, and especially an incredible number of Palestinians, the enthusiasm, courage and brutal mentality of the brain. In this fight, praising millions of Palestinian martyrs on the globe, they are delighted to be proud of the Israelis as a swap for life. The sacrifice of the Fahidine creates the awakening of the Palestinians. And therefore of this fighting, the spread of the Palestinian resistance group PLO and Fatah spread around the world. They will became unpopular on your behalf organization of the Palestinian people.

PLO formation

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed on May 28, 1964. From 28 May to 02 June 1964 in Jerusalem, the announcement was made to establish that organization through a conference organized by the Palestinian National Council. To achieve the independence of Palestine through the armed struggle as a target of the organization is to be told. The PLO is basically an indigenous or collective representational platform of various viable organizations-group-groups active in Palestine. Other countries recognize this organization as the only representational organization of Palestine or the Palestinian people in 1974. But until 1991, the organization was included in the list of 'terrorist' organizations.

After the formation of the PLO, the struggle for Palestinian rights to be accelerated. Before there was no legitimate organization of the Palestinian people, the speed was getting to take the fight forward. Although other organizations are included in the PLO, Yatra Arafat's Fatah organization has given leadership to this organization. Apart from this al-Fatah organization, two other organizations have continued their activities as important forces in the Palestinian movement. If we discuss some aspects of the work of these two organizations, it would be possible to understand the Palestinian movement better.

PFLP or Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine

The organization of leftist or Marxist-Leninist section was established on 11 December 1967. The organization's main leadership was George Habash. He is a Palestinian Christian. He was an important person in the struggle for Palestinian rights. He was known to everyone as a person of good and honesty. Al-Hakim was known to the associates. Al Hakim means knowledgeable or doctor. Founded by George Habash, this organization has been involved in the 'terrorism' trend to internationally recognize the struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people. This organization is widely known internationally by hijacking passenger aircraft, using the jewels as hostage. However, George Hashash expressed his opinion of using this 'terrorist' work as a technique based on contemporary situation. He did not support the principle of 'terrorism' work permanently. At the same time he was considered to be a democratically conscious person. He or his organization has promoted this viewpoint that they should continue to fight psychologically against him without just attacking the military against Israel. Thus Israel will be permanently under heavy pressure.

This organization, in its establishment announcement, prominently prompts not to dream of reality and to create a future by realizing the present and past realization.

One of the members of this organization, a woman named Laila Khaled. In the movement of the Palestinians, it is meant to refer to women agitators as Laila Khaled. He became known around the world to give adventurous leadership to hijack the plane. He joined the organization for 15 years of age. He received military training for quite some time. Then he led a special mission in PFLP and took the lead in hijacking the aircraft. He was arrested after hijacking the plane. There was a kind of PFLP 'terrorist' work, they would allow the passengers to land safely after hijacking the plane. Then they would have blown the plane off the plane. This kind of PFLP publicity spread about the movement of the Palestinian people for the promotion of 'hijack'. The oppressed people of the world continue to support the fair fight of the Palestinian people.

Hamas or Islamic Resistance Movement

This organization is ideally believed to be influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Basically, this organization gained popularity among the Palestinian people through various welfare activities, social services and economic. In 1987, the organization was officially established. Sheikh Ahmad Yasin is the ideological leader of this organization. In 2004, he killed the State of Israel.
This organization uses rockets to inflict arbitrary attack on Israeli army and the general public, attempting to defeat Israel by suicide attacks.

The organization is currently governing the Palestinian-dominated Gaza region. Hamas is considered as an affected organization of Iran.

Fight for the rights of the Palestinian people

In the fifth Council held in 1969, the PLO vowed to establish an independent and open society for all Muslims, Christians, Jews, Palestine / Palestine, as well as for their objectives. Yasser Arafat was the leader of this organization. The TDP program was announced in the PLO conference in Cairo, Egypt in 1974. This program is announced to form an Israeli-Palestinian democratic and two-nation state.

In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a decision of 32/40 B. According to this decision, on November 29, every year, declaration of international solidarity day is celebrated to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. On this day, the United Nations agrees with the Palestinian people and conducts a variety of programs. Apart from this, various people-individual organizations-NGOs and political parties from different countries of the world also take various programs to create a fervor for the Palestinian people on this day.

On September 17, 1978, the United Kingdom was signed by the Palestine People and Israel's Camp David Agreement. Under the intervention of US President Jimmy Carter, the agreement was signed in presence of Egypt's President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Mencham Beginn. Before signing the deal, secret talks have been held for 12 days.

There were two parts in this agreement. The first is the framework or framework for peace establishment in the Middle East. According to this work, there is a consensus on the formation of an authority consisting of an autonomous governance system with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The second is to determine the framework for signing peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel. Accordingly, in March 1979 peace negotiations between Israel and Egypt were created.

The Palestinian people did not have any representation in this agreement. However, through this agreement, the two important parties of the multilateral conflict are likely to reduce the level of conflicts due to Egypt and Israel entering into negotiations.

In the conference held in Algiers, Algeria on 15 November 1988, the PLO announced the formation of a Palestinian state. In 1993, signed the PLO agreement with Israel. The name of this agreement is the Oslo Agreement. In this agreement, the construction of Palestine / Palestine with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was made.

The primary step in forming the Palestinian state

In the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, Palestine was given the status of non-member observer state for the first time. After receiving this status, Palestinian government decided to write 'State of Palestine' instead of writing 'Palestinian National Authority' in the documentary signed by the Palestinian government-signed documents. On January 5, 2013, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave instructions on writing the name of the state, instead of the Palestinian Authority, to the State of Palestine, in their embassies in different countries.

In 2015, the headquarters of the United Nations in New York was lifted, along with other countries of the world, the Palestinian flag was lifted. In the United Nations Headquarters, there is a general practice to hoist the flag of the independent state. From this point onwards, this step is a great progress in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Before the formation of a Jewish state Israel, according to one of the census of 1918, people of 7 million Arab ethnic groups and 56 thousand Jewish ethnic people lived in the Palestine region. In 1922, the population of the British population showed that 78 percent of Palestine's 750,000 people were Muslim, 10 percent were Christian, and the rest 11 percent included Jewish ethnicity. In 1947, the total population was 18 million. Of them, 60 percent were Muslims, 31 percent were Jewish, and 8 percent were Christians. Currently, the proportion of Jews in that region is 53 percent. And Muslims are 45 percent of the total population. The remaining two percent are Christians.

Thus, for the past nearly a hundred years, the population of the Palestinian population has dominated the Palestinian population. At the same time they have been able to capture the territories and take possession of the territories.

Against this supremacy of the Jews, the Palestinian people are still struggling to fight. The struggle for the formation of an independent sovereign state of Palestine, or Palestine, is inclined to create a highway for writing a new fate of the just-concluded fate of the oppressed people's fight against the Zoroastrian or Jewish-stereotypical viewpoint. The desire for successful implementation of the continuous effort to advance the struggle for formation of a new system or a non-deserving non-society would be contrary to the supremacyist Shahisamrajya system.


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