DNC Files Lawsuit against Trump Wikileaks Russia based on Debunk evidence

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I'm kinda in shock, it seems the DNC and their lawyers decided to fund a lawsuit based on the debunked Guccifer thing. Whats going on in the world? I know it's 420 but damn the world isn't crazy enough. Now there is a federal lawsuit on the books based on information sourced from a debunked Russia story. They even threw Wikileaks into the mix without even looking at the evidence already released to the public. It makes it even stranger when you see that Assange can't even get online to get a message out. Right now there is no voice of truth and the dogs are using the final playing card they have to starve out the mind of man and the world all at once. With all the things talking about from on this blog as well as in many video in the past we know the the Russia thing is bullshit and now they are just attacking because it's the only thing they can do.

Lawsuit PDF

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Guccifer2 Debunked


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I think they lost their minds when Trump won and have never recovered.

I feel the DNC, FBI & Obama administration were basically running a coup and got caught.

It will all come out and they will go down.

We need to elect more libertarian and appoint more federal judges to keep this from happening ever again.

Good post!
Amazing isn't it?? They say if you tell the lie enough times, but this is insane. As the walls start to crumble around the Clinton clan they are going to pull out all the stops.
I truly have a deep seeded fear that they will get desperate and do something horrible. These lunatics will stop at nothing.
As all the corruption and ungodly behavior is being exposed, people have got to start seeing the truth. Unfortunately, I do not believe they want to.

Thanks for posting the links for the lawsuit. I wonder who the 10+ John Does are! Resteemed!

Russia, Russia, Russia!

Couldn't Assange create one of those wifi signal interception devices from a Pringles can like they do in Mr. Robot to steal wifi from a nearby source?


Yes, then he could get arrested for hacking.

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