Sadly, most have never heard of Bldg. 7 and its collapse into its own footprint at freefall speed, reported to have collapsed an hour before it actually did by the BBC! For those not buying my opening statement, please research it even if you just watch the YT clip of the BBC reporter. Of course anyone who has taken the time to watch any of the myriad, readily available, free 9/11 truth documentaries on YT is already keenly well-versed on the anomalies with regard to the MSM's "official" narrative as to the events of 9/11.
"Loose Change: final cut" is a popular documentary for those who have yet to awaken to false flag terrorism, which incidentally, has been used commonly throughout world history to drive the Hegelian Dialectic--problem, reaction, solution....

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The bldg according to its owner, Larry Silverstein was pulled which meant that it was taken down. So why is collecting millions in WTC insurance monies since?

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911, sandy hook, fluorided water, georgia guidestones, war, bitcoin, chemtrails, 5G DeathTowers! WAKE UP AMERICA DEPOPULATION IS COMING FULL SCALE

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