Steemit Joins TRON Ecosystem!

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This news is absolutely massive, Justin Sun (founder of TRON), has just announced that Steemit will be joining the TRON ecosystem. You can already see that it's having an effect on the price of Steem, it has risen by more than 20% in the past 24 hours.

Practically, this also means that Steem Dapps will become fully compatible with the TRON blockchain. In this Medium post, they explain that Steemit's development team will start working with TRON's development team to bring over Steem Dapps to TRON. Now, I'm not sure if that also means that TRON Dapps will become compatible with Steem, I don't actually think that'll be the case.

You know, in the past I was always a little bit sceptical when people said the price of Steem would go back to $10 again, but with this news, I could actually see that happening. I for one am really glad that I got a bunch of SP leases via Dlease at a low price, it looks like that's going to really pay off!

Let me know what you think about this news in the comments!


In this Medium post, they explain that Steemit's development team will start working with TRON's development team to bring over Steem Dapps to TRON.

A STEEM based post would have shown me more confidence! Medium blah! Sometimes my timing can be impeccable..., see my latest if you want a good laugh!

LOL, your timing couldn't have been worse :P Just as Pennsif mentioned in the comments :'D

After spending hours working on this I wasn't gonna pull it seconds after the annoncement.. we can call it 'nostalgic' if nothing else!

I'm also a bit confused and just asked questions in a post. Maybe dapps will only accept tron and steem will stay forever as an independent blockchain. We really need to know all the details. Check the other tweet I shared in the post. This tron guy is talking about swaping steem. Really crazy thing.

Yeah I also think Steem will still be an independent blockchain, but that there will just be some form of compatibility with Tron.

I hope @steemitblog will post something soon regarding this

Let's see how this post ages. Is there a remind bot here? 😂😂

There actually was one :P i think it's defective now though

What this means is that the Steem blockchain will die. The token will not. But the chain will.

I’m interested in hearing what’s gonna happen with the Steem token. What I read was not super clear.

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have a question about steem blockchain what will be its use case then lets see what justin sun has in its store for steemit users

I have to say I have been reading up on his companies and he is assembling quite the portfolio of big name companies.

I wonder why we know about it from Twitter but not from steemitblog? Also it's interesting yo know opinion of witnesses what do they think about it. And did they or somebody else hear about it earlier? 🤔
There are so many question marks in this story☝️

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Steem #Dapps migration, $STEEM token swap...
Not sure if those are good or bad news

More info about this: Poloniex tweet about STEEM token swap - Justin Sun and Ned talk on DLive

So excited for this!

I think it's a mixed bag to be honest @daan

On the positive side Justin Sun's marketing expertise could be just what steem needs.

But on the negative, there were a lot of indications in that article that this is somewhat of a take over. Token swaps, and airdroped tokens for Tron hodlers.

I was at the AMA today and Tbh, if they'd followed through with trying to move steem token to Tron and airdrop free steemtron to Tron hodlers, that's is a hostile takeover, pure and simple. I feel like a token swap/airdrop waters down the steem token value that all of the content creators here have built!

But JS said that they weren't going to move forward with a token swap, which is somewhat reassuring.

I guess it's a game of wait and see now. I try to stay positive, but I'm also a realist.

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I think there is still a lot of what-ifs and conjecture out there right now. I would be happy if there were some more details and some kind of roadmap as well as an indication about what it will mean for Steem as a whole including the tribes and communities. It was probably the best move for Steemit, but I am not so sure about Steem right now.

Apparently there is going to be a podcast tomorrow with justin sun and ned scott to explain more of the details.. So hurry up and wait for that! LoL. The way a lot of business is handled on blockchain shows how inexperienced most of these "business owners" really are. I think people are more confused than excited at this point, imagine where the market cap would've been if we had any real details to be excited about!

For sure. I will probably be busy when they are having the AMA so I will just have to read about it after the fact. The good thing is there are a lot of really smart people on STEEM that will probably be asking some really good questions.

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