Prague airport will have new direct flights to Italy!

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Hi everyone!

I am happy to inform you about something that will surely please many Czech travelers and visitors of my beautiful homeland, the Czech Republic. Ryanair, one of the largest and most popular lowcost airlines in Europe, will launch three new routes from Prague to Italy next year.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

From April 1, 2019, Czech travelers will be able to fly from the Prague Airport directly to Bari, Pescara and Treviso.

Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)

Bari is famous for its stunning architecture, Pescara is a beautiful port city and tourist destination on the Adriatic Coast of Italy and the airport in Treviso is just a short drive from Venice so these new routes will probably be very popular among tourists and travelers, not only from the Czech Republic.

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Those are great news! Both for Italian and Czech.


Yep, sure thing! Have a good one.

That's brilliant news for Prague's and Italians. Both states has very famous places to visit. Promote population much with flights.


Yep, great for both nations and many international visitors coming to both countries.

Great contest ..
i share your post on twitter..

Hi @czechglobalhosts, You giving biggest tourism news to us. Yep...will start Ryanair their flights Italy to Czech important occasion being both countries for increase tourist attraction.


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