Czech Republic in top ten countries in the world for expats

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Hi everyone!

I am happy to inform you about another impressive achievement my beautiful homeland, the Czech Republic, has just produced.

Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)

Expat Insider, one of the largest and most renowned surveys on expat living in the world, just published their latest chart and I was really glad to find out that the Czech Republic claimed the 10th spot in the survey.

The survey was filled out by over 18,000 expats living all over the world. It was based on ranking in six main categories: Quality of Life, Working Abroad, Ease of Settling In, Cost of Living, Family Life and Personal Finance.

Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)

The only countries that ranked higher than the Czech Republic were Bahrain, Taiwan, Ecuador, Mexico, Singapore, Portugal, Costa Rica, Spain and Colombia. To find out how your country performed in the survey, check out the full chart here.

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The Czech republic is a beautifil country indeed. Rich in culture and beauty of nature and of course interesting and welcoming people. Years ago I had the opportunity to explore Prague. I immersed in what this gem of a city has to offer and was quite overwhelmed by its fascinating museums, cultural sites, architectural beauties (amongst others notably a lot of gorgeous art nouveau buldings) etc. That city has a unique atmosphere which does never cease to fascinate you. And there is amazing food too and you can find a lot of wonderful little shops. You can easily explore most of the city walking. But there is a good network of public transport too. Prague is by all means worth a longer visit. Find out for yourself. What are you waiting for?

My friend visited the Prague a day ago , I think the place was JohnLennonWall

Congratulation on this success.

No wonder @czechglobalhosts, you have such a beautiful country, and I've heard many wonderful things about the Czech Republic being one of the best countries if you are seeking work-life balance. Cheers!

I share your post on twitter...

hey really beautiful country ,heard of it only on tv ,never been to europe ,id love to visit greece ,ok i have a problem i need some help i need something like 15sbd ,please help me out i have no money to buy food and im hungry