Great comeback in Prague public transport: trolleybuses back in the streets!

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Hi everyone!

Prague, the capital city of my beautiful homeland Czech Republic, is known to have a very dense, reliable and affordable network of public transport, making the city very easy and comfortable to get around.

While the Prague subway is generally considered the fastest and most convenient means of transport in the city, it is the trams that usually draw the tourists´ attention. They look cool and the passengers can enjoy a nice view of the streets as the trams ride through the city´s iconic architecture.

However, the trams just got new competitors. After long 46 years, trolleybuses appeared in the Prague streets. As of now, just one trolleybus line (Nr. 58) was launched, serving the stops between Palmovka and Letnany, but more trolleybus lines should follow soon.

Source: Ceskoslovensky Dopravak

The new trolleybuses are powered by electricity but they can also run on self-recharging batteries.

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The City of Prague is not to be missed. It has modern and traditional architectures. They are just amazing. Art lover would be overwhealmed with the culture and historic sculptures and statues on display in public places. There are plenty to see indoors and outdoors. There is a great selection of traditional Food and drinks and they are cheap. Some of the restaurants are old and have character and atmosphere. Prague is safe and friendly.

Personally I didn't even know what trolleybuses were until I saw your post. Googled it just right now and I have to say that it seems like a novel idea. I cannot say how effective they are in big city but nevertheless a lot of people will just get the bus for the novelty of the ride. I know because given a chance I surely will :-)

Perhaps they are trying out just one trolley bus and if the idea succeeds they'll introduce more. I'll probably be checking out on how these buses are doing as the time passes.


It actually might look like a novel idea with more attention being towards electrification of the means of transportation but trolleybuses were very common in the past. Good to see them back!


Yes, I looked further up about it on the internet and found quite a history of their use. The earliest prototypes date back to more than a century. It is a bit of an adventure itself, learning about them :-)

Hi, my friend! Thank you for the info about trolleybuses! Although I live in Prague this is new to me :D


There is always something new:)... day in/day out:)... Have a good one!


BTW, great introduction post!

It's great that in Prague trolleybuses appeared again. But in Moscow there is a tendency to reduce trolleybuses. Their routes are shortened. Especially it is felt in the center of the city. At the same time, new bus routes appear. But trips to them are not so attractive. I hope the trolleybuses do not disappear at all. And fortunately we still have many wonderful tram routes.


Thank you for some great info from Moscow!

Hi @czechglobalhosts, That would be brilliant news to who stay or who want to visit Czech Republic. Tourists can look amazing landscaping view through those Trolley buses. That's best comfortable transport service for see outstanding scenery in Prague. Nice updating friend.

wow this is amazing bus..

Wow how amazing all of this seems! Too much technology! Would LOVE to have it in my country!

That is pretty cool. Just like @bobflix I remember taking the trolley when I visited my grandparents in the summer. Amazing how childhood memories are so powerful!


les souvenirs nous construisent,nous guident,qu'ils soit bon ou mauvais !hang loose.png


La madeleine de Proust


j'ai une question ,quelle est la plus belle photo réaliser par toi à se jour ?

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Thank you


I am afraid this is not how it works! I never ever upvote solicitors and do not plan on starting!

Well it seems like people are gonna have option for the mode of transport !

Nice city
Good luck


really great news

Public transport is indeed in every country should be even required to have public transport. but the public transport of the pictures you share looks luxurious and looks comfortable while in it. I like this shuttles from the model and have some doors.

c'est des souvenir pour mois d'enfant quand le trolley bus dé percher,et que le chauffeur devait remettre les perches à leur place,je pensai que cela n'exister plu ! à l'aire de l'électrique !mais Praha le must !

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