Finally some promising numbers in the crypto world

Hi everyone!

After some very rough times when most cryptocurrencies were deep in the red, the current upward trend suggests we might finally be for some positive changes soon.

Bitcoin bounced back from way below $6,000 to more than $6,600 and Steem has made even more impressive recovery - while it was alarmingly close to getting under the psychological border of $1 as recently as just a few days ago, it now seems to be stabilized at around $1.7.

Bez názvu.png

Of course, it still is a far cry from where we all want to see this cryptocurrency but we can definitely consider this improvement a promising sign for future.

What are your estimations, my fellow Steemians? Do you think we have already got over the low? Let me know in the comments below!

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Steem was as high as 1.83 at some point, kind of disappointing to see it fall back to 1.67.
It's great to see it up tho.

Wow. Great news with narket cap of 441 millions the steem is running in great direction. Let's hope steem will be inluded in top 10 at the end of year. Congratulations to all steem family members. Keep sharing @czechglobalhosts


Top 10.... That would be just fantastic.... it should have been there already:)....

Hi Thomas, I had huge belief cryptocurrency will bounce soon or later. Also I trust steem and BTC(my favorite) will up before end this year. Since 12 hours indeed steem and some other cryptos start uptrend. SBD and steem price increase massive news to steemians. But probably before finish end of the day, price can be down trend.
Steem will be awesome most after launch SMT. Wait to see @ned's SMT launch.
Best update friend.


Let's wait and see once the SMT's come out... I do hope it will be a game changer for the whole platform.

@czechglobalhosts wow steem is now at 31 in counting hope we see in Top ten list, well crypto and BTC is at lowest level yup one more down fall we can see from here but I feel we are very near to Bull run and soon we will see market rising back


Top 10 would be awesome!

June the black month in crypto world! I wish green day waiting for us.


June sure was a downfall but then we all have to look at the big picture and long term.... My hand are strong and HODL is my middle name:)......If you believe in something then the patience is the virtue. Have a great night. Tomas


Thank you Tomas! I am always inspired from you. Real steemian. Thanks for your everything..

@czechglobalhosts We have already gone so low, but still u can see some more low levels. May be up to $5500 before a pull back. What say?


We sure can go back lower and it wouldn't surprise me at all but then the reversal to a sharp upside could come as well... To be honest I do not care about the short term... I am looking long term 3 years plus... today's prices will look pathetic:)


That's true. We should always keep long term goals.

Phew! It's about time. As with most things, what goes up must come down, and with currency what goes down can also come up. Let's not hold our breath yet still be optimistic. This rollercoaster is quite a ride and we're not sure where we'll end up, but in the meantime let's enjoy the adventure.


It sure is one hell of a ride, I love it:)......

This could hopefully be a short term uptrend before we see some red. In the end I feel crypto is a long term game which requires perseverance. I also of the opinion that we will see the bulls taking control in 2018 itself.


For sure is a long term play.... not for faint hearted:)

I bought some Steem a few days ago. I think the price was $1.17 so I'm pretty happy I got it near the low. I usually seem to do the opposite.


I am very happy to hear you were able to use this opportunity to load up. I am glad to see the Steemians that are adding the value to our blockchain to take an advantage of this opportunity. I only wish more people would do that. Congrats!!!!

I prefer high STEEM prices. when upvote posting people. its value is also higher

This is realy good news for crypto currencies. Hope more people will attract to the crypto currencies. Steem still looking in red. But hope not out. We can hope for the best.

Thanks you.. your posts by information Mr.@czechglobalhost 🔎

Yes I can see it from its rise and your information is very useful to others. hopefully stay at the positive point of all prices.

what? steem reaches at 31? that 's a great news. congratulations @czechglobalhosts, The stability in the market is pointing towards a big rally,
what you say? Some people are predicting it to to 100k $.


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I give it less than a month before we see STEEM in the top 20, or AT LEAST in top 25

I am relatively exempt from cryptocurrencies, even though all of them say "The future is already here and they are the cryptocurrencies" I am more of the constant and sound money. however, I am seriously thinking about investing. In any case, what is the recommended?

Great news friend. steem reaches at 31. cryptocurrency is going up. very informative post. keep it up and share more information.

Everything is looking really good , lets hope it goes the way it is going now !

Very great news, dear friend Tom @czechglobalhosts...
The upward move of the Steem i think is as predicted cause Steemit so far is still the best Social Media based on Blockchain...

Thanks for the infos and have a great day...☕❤

There has been a lot of improvement in the market regarding Steem. It looks somehow promising now. Even before this I knew steem would succeed because it is a long term investment and requires sometime to move. Believe me it's a success. Thanks for sharing. Really glad now.

@czechglobalhosts crypto market world will show more good signing moves in this half of year according to my knowledge and experience. What you think buddy?

Good steem

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