Yes @crypto.xavior & @cryptoqu33n - its genuine, and me. That's why I included all my verified social media accounts to follow as well.

Thanks Mr. Gurbaksh Chahal @gchahal for responding back. Its really nice seeing you here on Steemit community. Its an honor to chat with you. See you around.

image reference:

@cryptoqu33n Honor is mine! Looking forward in contributing.

You are so nice and down to earth Mr. Chahal @gchahal. I appreciate your kind gesture.

@gchahal - Mr. Chahal, you already made headlines on this network. Welcome to this crypto community. Its a lot we can learn from you.

@crypto.xavior Thank you. Just trying to learn the platform and see where I can add value.

@gchahal - Your presence itself is adding value to the steemit platform.

just because you linked real social media accounts doesn't make you real... when i see you post a picture holding your steemit account name then we will know, also a deposit of steempower into your account would be a great indicator as well..

@jjjjosue I am still learning the platform so not sure how else to prove I'm real here. I actually linked my steemit post from my Facebook Verified Public Page. If that doesn't show authenticity, I don't know what will.
@crypto.xavior @cryptoqu33n

ahh that is proof enough for me ! :) welcome to steem :)


join to talk to some of the more active steemit users,programmers, and investors...

Would love to stay connected and work together in the future!

Gurbaksh Sir @gchahal - We need no more proof. Its you 100% real Mr. Chahal

@gchahal - This facebook post proves everything. Welcome! No more doubts for anyone.

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