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RE: How To Survive The Raid On Area 51

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Earth still would be very deep if it is flat (the plane would be very thick for it to give us the spherical illusion). But the good news is that it is not flat. Get that out of your head, and many things become easier to understand. Disregard flatness, and just think of it as a sphere - and connect the math.


The problem with Flat Earth theory is that it doesn't account for the curvature of the Great Turtle's shell. I mean, the horizon obviously proves that we're living on the back of an enormous tortoise. But we can't expect the masses to understand such subtle nuances, so why even try explaining it to them? (snicker) The truth is that if you were to sail all the way over the edge of the Great Turtle's back, you would simply land onto the back of an even greater turtle; it's turtles all the way down! #Joking

Woohoo, that picture worked. I guess they only take down the pictures about real conspiracies.

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