We Need to Talk About the Iran Protests

in news •  10 months ago

Are these protests in Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another regime change operation? This week on The Corbett Report James explores the past, present and future of US and Israeli involvement in Iran, and the attempts to foment unrest in the country.

SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO: https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-326-we-need-to-talk-about-the-iran-protests/

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the plots and outside hands do not make millions of people into the streets
But I think the protests related to gross human losses
In the Syrian civil war and the Iraqi war for 4-5 years

Dead on as always @corbettreport
When are these elite inbreds going to realise the jig is up?
I don't think they'll succeed with regime change in Iran. The people are way more educated than the western powers would have us believe. All the US/UK/ISRAEL instigators will achieve is stiffening the resolve of both the government and the people of Iran.


Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan and Syria are known for war.. this country has been unrest for a very long time and the US government and Israel are doing all they can to put an end to this with the deployment of their soldiers just to make sure peace and order are maintained in this countries.. May God help this countries


All countries, where the United States wants to export its so-called democracy, are being destroyed. Blood flows everywhere. And, as a rule, these countries are rich in oil and gas.

Upvoted. Great in-depth report, James. As usual. Keep up the amazing reporting!

Same tactics used on Syria, some paid group started opening fire in a peaceful prostest. And fakestream media took it on from there with their usual propaganda and a majority bought into this boogeyman ISIS, than ISIL pseudo group, that somehow had access to a fleet of landcruisers shipped over from the US. Pinned everything on Al Aasad, a long time ally of Russia.

As long as the US dollar is backed by Saudi oil, there will always be proxy wars. Total control of the oil fields is what this evil cabalists are after. That's why crypto currencies is the answer to these problems. We should all do our best to spread as much awareness on cryptocurrency. As long as a group of extremist bankers print their money they will do anything under the sun to maintain that power and influence on humanity. This has all got to end somewhere and it is now, just invest in crypto currency.✌

Thanks for your report James. This playbook is so obvious and so played out, it's ridiculous. They look like petulant children with their tweets and calling of an emergency UNSC meeting. To solve "human rights" problems, they just kill the population.


Yup! It’s like “hey we care about the people there!!!!! yea just like Iraq And Libya where u bombed millions

Thanks for your excellent insight and reporting as always James. I put together some large posts this past week with extensive evidence that the western media has portrayed events in Iran inaccurately. Hope this helps your viewers see clearly that once again reality has been inverted by the corrupt media and US government officials.

Inverting Reality: Photos of Anti-Government 'Protests' in Iran (Used By Western Media) Turn Out To Be Images from "Pro-Government Marches"


Western Media Ignores Story of Massive Pro-Government Rallies Held in Iran


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@corbettreport I'm totally with you. Iran is the only country standing in their way in the middle East. They still refuse to accept USD and the elite don't like this.

Wait wait?? These protests are not spontaneous? The next thing you will tell me is that the Ukrainian protests were not spontaneous?


Just waiting for the CNN and other gems of the USA MSM to tell the populous in the states about the protest that were held a few months ago in SArabia...

Incredible work, as always!

The US and Israel have been trying to take down the Iranian regime for quite some time now. When I first saw videos of the Iran demonstrations, I had immediate flashbacks to the protests in Egypt that led to the collapse of the Hosni Mubarak government.

Thanks James, another excellent piece!

Thank you for (re)emphasizing the removal of Mossadegh and the installation of the Shah by the CIA/British and co. We cannot allow these facts (and history) to be burried by the current propaganda and rush to war with Iran.

Crocodile Tears and Love Bombs, indeed!

I noticed the production value of your videos is also improving, I can't remember the name of your editor/video production manager, but pass on my praise if you can.

Thanks again

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Excellent reflection, could not have expressed it better. I would have only added that the whole strategy on how to topple the Iranian government is played out exactly as described in the report of the Brookings Institute, "Which Path to Persia" where the options for the US takeover are openly discussed by this Think Tank:


We just want regime change .... Ok now that's US or Russian enemies but slowly it will reach their own countries ... & even if they are conspiring all these movements but these movements needed in middleeast because millions of people died by these local powers :)


thank u for report

keep updating with all the reports

nobody knows what exactely happeningthere so we cant talk about something we don't know


why nobody does not know what is happening?! I am in Iran, I can tell you that the government is killing protesters. More than 20 people have been killed in Iran but the regime said that Foreigners have killed them! what a surprise that terrorists are in our small cities as the regime said!!!!! The government calls us as Enemies! we have not the right to protest. They change the peaceful protests to violence. we wanna change the regime. we will win. we will do it in near future. #IranProtests


ah i'm sorry i thought you are out from iran hopfully the situation becme better and hope the government pave the way for the protest to express theirself and hope everything will be okkay


thanks for your hope. But unfortunately the government's violence is growing and my people all around the country are protesting. we will pay our lives and our blood to achieve FREEDOM.
thanks again


"we will pay our lives and our blood to achieve FREEDOM" when idiot or agent provocateur coming to protests to "achieve" something whit " lives and blood", of course there will be "government's violence"

Sorry, protests are over. Big disappointment for israelis, saudis and CIA.


wish you all the best


wish you all the bes brother

info good for me
.upvote back

Everyone will be united to get out of this ongoing unrest in the present world ,This will bring peace and prosperity to the world.informative this post,upvoted.

James, I missed your reports for the last 2 years. enjoy your work and I am following, please do the same. Missed the old days with you and Dr. Stan Monteith! RIP

Great breakdown on this👍
Regardless of how bad this government is it’s also clear the CIA has spies in Iran causing these “protests” with paid shills


If Europe and America would just stay out of the Middle East!!!! We’ve seen this before! Bush Admin- Iraq and Obama Admin - Libya! It’s another CIA operation to destabilize the region

This is an impressive expose on what has exactly has been going on in Iran for quite some years. I say this as a generally young and completely ignorant American to this reality.

I don't think most Americans know that we are in "war" with Iran, and have been propagandized at best to never look into the reality of what is happening. I know I did not.

i hope someday, this wars gets to the End.. This wars are not only happening on middles east. The same people that is tunirng all midle east is the one that has Center and part of south america in chaos. They are the ones bringing chaos with other shape. they dont want to destroy theyr back yard..

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nice report and very in depth analysis of what is happening in Iran. everyone knows that this event is a CIA backing along with Israel and the Saudis. the main reason is to gain complete control of the middle east.

One of the nice article.... I am glad I stopped by here and read the article
keep the goood work

There is always their involvement in all other countries' issues ...
@corbettreport: like the truth you say '"The US is always triggering unrest in the country."

Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan and Syria are known for war.. this country has been unrest for a very long time and the US government and Israel are doing all they can to put an end to this with the deployment of their soldiers just to make sure peace and order are maintained in this countries.. May God help this countries

great news .... very informative post upvoted.

The words nail and head spring to mind! Another excellent expose of an attempted overthrow that's been a long time in the planning!! If we revert to the neo-cons "project for a new American century" then Iran was and is the jewel in their crown, as such they will use any excuse possible to gain a foothold within the country. That said I don't think Iran is a nut that they will be able to crack, it's a wholly different beast to the multitude of other countries destroyed by the spread of "democracy". Great work @corbettreport

Realy Great post...............

James, you did a great job demonstrating that this is their M.O. in full effect once again. Let's hope a majority of our brothers & sisters see through the deception this time & refuse to go along or support this evil. The results are always lies, theft, distruction & death. How much longer will "we the people" suffer this madness? I, for one, will ignore the state into obscurity & build/support systems that make theirs obsolete.

As usual, a perfect analysis. Thank you! Resteemed.

I don't think the world will tolerate THIS regime change. There is a reason why Iran is the last country on the US's list of pecking orders. Thanks James, for another thorough reports with great video archives.

Thanks for exposing the bad kind of globalists again mate, great content as usual!

Western powers want a regime change, they want the old pro-western regime back before Khomeini came to power, and it is very important.
As Syria will get rid of ISIS and other extremist groups they will begin rebuilding, and there are may regions that have different influence, from Russia,NATO,Iran, and those countries will help financially with rebuilding, but if Iran is in turmoil or goes pro-western, the sphere of influence will be bigger in the region.

I Iran, we do not want our regime. we will change it soon, we do not rely on other's powers. We have our reasons and this regime is not tolerable for us. They kill our people. they give our money to Yemen, Syria and Palestine. Shame on this hateful regime. we will succeed. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IT SO SOON. WE WILL Be FREE again

Very Good Thoughts.. I will support you

Thanknyou for the analysis James.

This case, similarly to the ukrainian uprising &overthrow, illustrates that if therenis discontempt due to political or economic reality it’s really ease to forment or intercept a grassrot uprising from the outside and push a different agenda.
The more the despots mismanage/steal the easier it is for globalists and zionists to intervene and rid them of power - maybe that’s a good thing long term, despots will either yield to the people or to the external bullies.