Trump Continues the Never-ending Afghan Opium War

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by James Corbett
August 26, 2017

For all those pundits out there who were concerned that Trump wasn't "Presidential" enough to actually be President, I have some great news for you! This past week Trump wiped out any such fear by doing the most presidential thing that can possibly be imagined: Continuing the never-ending war in Afghanistan!

That's right, the longest war in the history of the United States is not coming to an end any time soon. And just in case you were still operating under the delusion that the current puppet figurehead was any different at all from any of the stuffed shirts who previously occupied the Oval Office, Trump is even copying Obama's failed 2009 "surge" strategy to keep the whole charade going for another 4 (or 8 or 12 or 200) years.

As Mark Perry notes in his article on the subject, quoting an unnamed Pentagon official who was privy to the deliberations on the plan:

“This Trump plan, at least so far as I understand it, sounds a lot like the kind of plan we’ve come up with again and again since the end of World War Two,” a senior Pentagon officer says. “We’re going to surge troops, reform the government we support and put pressure on our allies. In this building [the Pentagon] there’s a hell of a lot of skepticism. And that’s because we all know what this new strategy really means – and what it means is that the only way we can get out of Afghanistan is to get further in. You know, it seems to me that if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that that doesn’t work.”

Bah! Work shmirk. The point is that copying Obama's failed "surge" strategy will look aggressive and manly and will pump even more of that Fed-issued fiat debt paper into the pockets of the Pentagon and their contractor buddies, so now Trump is officially "Presidential" according to all the neocons on the right and the warmongers on the left.

The Trump dupes, of course, will argue that their "God-Emperor" has somehow or other (gosh darn, wouldn't you know it?) been put under a magical hypnotic spell by the Deep State and converted from a freedom-loving man of peace into a warmonger. They are, as always, delusional. This is the same Trump who said he was the most "militaristic" candidate in the GOP primary field and promised to "bomb the shit" out of those dastardly terrorists in Sy-raq (instead of, oh, I don't know, not creating, funding, training, equipping and protecting them), bring back waterboarding (and worse), target and kill family members of the (CIA-sponsored) terrorists, and take the resources from America's vanquished in future resource wars. More to the point, as Micah Zenko accurately pointed out in the wake of this announcement, "Trump has now expanded US military presence and/or airstrikes in EVERY combat theater he inherited from Obama."

But hey, he pretended to criticize Obama's Afghan strategy a few years ago, so what difference does all of that make?

*NOTE: This political cartoon was drawn in 2010

In fact, it's impossible to think of a single, rational, defensible reason for the idiocy that is this Obama Surge 2.0 that Trump is green lighting. It is a proven failed strategy, it is a waste of money, it only further destabilizes a region in turmoil and, as we have seen, even the Pentagon officials behind the scene resent it. And, oh yeah, it's a bloody and murderous and illegal invasion of a country, if that counts for anything anymore.

The Afghan war itself was never about ousting (CIA patsy) Bin Laden or protecting America from Al CIAda or preventing the next (false flag) 9/11, as we can clearly see in 2017, long after the "murder" of "Bin Laden" in Abbottabad and the fact that Al CIAda are the good guys again. No, as I stated in my video on the 15th anniversary of the invasion last year, the Afghan war is a resource grab, a foothold in a key square of the geopolitical chessboard, and a ploy to keep the CIA's precious drug money flowing from their opium operations in the country.

The great irony here is that this move comes less than two weeks after Trump's declaration that America's ongoing opioid crisis, now claiming the lives of 100 Americans a day from overdoses alone, is a national emergency. "The opioid crisis is an emergency and I'm saying officially right now it is an emergency," he told reporters in New Jersey earlier this month. "We're going to draw it up and we're going to make it a national emergency. It is a serious problem, the likes of which we have never had."

This is a direct insult to the intelligence of Americans (and people the world over) who recognize that the four decades of the failed "war on drugs" strategy has done nothing but (in fact, was never intended to do anything but) exacerbate the problem, leaving more people addicted to and more people incarcerated from drug use than before the so-called war started. Of course, Attorney General Sessions has vowed to pursue that War on Drugs all the harder during his tenure, because why not double down on a strategy that is a demonstrable failure when it provides a great excuse for an authoritarian police state and a steady stream of prisoners for the incarceration-industrial complex?

But now the Trump administration is rubbing salt in that wound by continuing the Afghan war that has caused the Afghan poppy crop to go from near-eradication pre-9/11 to record levels post-invasion. As the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime pointed out last year, two-thirds of all the arable land dedicated to poppy crops in the entire world lie in Afghanistan. And as they pointed out the year before that, fully 77% of the world's heroin supply is processed in Afghanistan. This is why Uncle Sam's loyal troops literally guard the poppy fields (and openly brag about it on national television), and this is one of the reasons why the Afghan war is not ending any time in the foreseeable future.

No, the Afghan war is not about protecting America's interests or ridding the world of terrorists, and the war on drugs is not about helping to end the opioid crisis. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the millions of people who were duped into voting for yet another stuffed shirt who sometimes paid lip service to the idea of ending the useless wars of aggression abroad will be persuaded to vote for another such stuffed shirt 4 or 8 or 12 or 16 or 1000 years hence. And when that stuffed shirt, too, inevitably reneges on those non-promises, the voting herd will content themselves that they did the right thing pulling the lever for the candidate they thought would end the wars, and consoling themselves that they'll get the chance to pull the lever again next time around.

And so the cycle continues, on and on, forever and ever, until the crack of doom. Or until people start to realize that participation in voting and cooperation with the governmental systems of control are the problem, not the solution. But don't hold your breath waiting on that.

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What a fantastic song, especially for this response.


Except that James Corbett doesn't just pick up his guitar and play - a true warrior!

War on drugs is the most meaningful war at all times in human history. This makes sense to eliminate all the pest in society.


yeah, but prohibition doesn't work......just sayin'- we can plainly see.
Do know who is charge of the drug supply chain? It starts with C and ends in A - 3 letters.
The whole 'war on drugs' is merely a smoke screen to give the plebs baubles to shout about, and claim some moral high ground that has been created by the establishment.
The big players, meanwhile, get on with business, giving moral platitudes to fool the sheep,and continue destroying our society.
..........just sayin'

Great post, lots of truths here, but I have a small counterpoint.

The only way anything changes is through a massive tax revolt, but we all know that's not gonna happen as everyone wants to continue their comfortable, western lifestyle.

Everyone talks about how this or that should be done, but the harsh truth is that Americans and Europeans don't want to sacrifice their way of life for the great good.

Nothing will change till the money spigot to the warmongers is shut off.

But James, why would we care about Trump escalating the war in Afghanistan when he stared into an eclipse. I mean, you know he called out both sides of the Charlottesville fiasco, right? That's just outrageous, how dare he do something so disgusting as criticise people for their violence?

But seriously, could you please start uploading your videos to dtube and/or sharing them here so I can upvote them more as a thank you for all the free enlightenment you've given me over the last three or four years?


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maggieNYT Maggie Haberman tweeted @ 22 Aug 2017 - 01:17 UTC

"We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists," says POTUS, in one of his more forceful/best lines of address

MicahZenko Micah Zenko tweeted @ 22 Aug 2017 - 01:27 UTC

Bottom line: Trump has now expanded US military presence and/or airstrikes in EVERY combat theater he inherited from Obama.

MattBors Matt Bors tweeted @ 22 Aug 2017 - 14:37 UTC

I made this political cartoon in 2010. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Trump is going to good job in Afghanistan , i think he want to finish terrorism and Drug ,


the US is IN Afghanistan for the opium (big cash crop for nice covert CIA ops). It also keeps the industrial war complex happy.
The war is intended to just carry on. And lets not forget the VAST mineral reserves under afghan soil, (used in computer mfg, I believe). - keeps it out of Russians, and Chinese sphere of influence.

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While I have to (begrudgingly) to agree with your take on the situation occurring over there, I (still) have a hope that trump is something different. -

You can call me a old, naive, still optimistic fool , no offense taken ;)

Still gotta hope something different is going on....

But ultimately, yes you are totally correct - government ARE the problem, and never the solution.

Follow me plz

Excellent presentation of the situation!
I suppose Trump will try to sell this move as "the only option available", arguing that pulling out of Afghanistan would pave the way for the Taliban to regain power (which is probably true).
How is it possible that after 16 years the public doesn't get these simple truths about talibans and Bin Laden being nothing but CIA creations?
Checking out the link on "Foreign Policy" this caught my eye:
"He stuck to his script" - yep, if he sticks to the script he's good!

I see Trump as an example of a good president

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Just another talking head...



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The problem is not the poppies in Afghanistan. The problem is the system that creates the users. What creates users? Child abuse. Spanking, hitting, ritual punishment, verbal abuse. None of that teaches coping skills.

People use drugs because they lack coping skills. Yes there are 12-step programs and they are effective. But real change starts at the bottom with how we raise our kids.

To end the war on drugs without government intervention, we must learn to raise human beings.

Dr. Ross W. Greene wrote the book that completely changed my outlook on humanity, "Raising Human Beings". The principles outline in this book will show us how to teach kids the skills they need to get along, take care of themselves and their brothers and sisters.

I believe that when we cease the promotion of child abuse in all of its forms, we will raise human beings who are resistant to corruption, the temptation for abuse, and the need to control others. More to the point, with the skill of collaboration as taught in this book (and others like it), our kids can grow up into adult who will not need to self-medicated themselves with drugs, food, gambling, etc.

Real change starts at the bottom, with our kids. From there, we can remove the source of income for the drugs by drying up their supply of customers. Just by raising kids right.


Here in Europe and Special the Balkan countries depend a lot on the political situation in USA.
There were a lot of speculation and talks concerning the new President of USA but after 4 months or so of Trump being elected as a President we still can not see any changes of the USA politics on Balkans and Europe?

So my question is America doing better or worse since Trump became a President?

I am skeptical about how much power the president actually has. If something were to happen to those poppies, like disease or pests, it seems like this problem would be solved. Unfortunately, the poppies look pretty healthy in the photos.

Government intervention only ever leads to death and destruction. Thanks for a great article, as always.

I Think the war has undergone for a very long time and it is a very high time to put an end to all this mess we have created. I am not a big fan of Trump but the least he could do is cleanse the world for its own good which the previous presidents have failed to do!!

It seems like common sense that a war on drugs in the streets of the US is bogus. Poppy plants aren't grown there. Coco plants aren't grown there. Guns aren't made there.

Appalling that the invasions in Afganistan began as early as 1838, according to a BBC report.

Upvoted, re$teemed & following! I love you James're my hero. Check out my channel & have me on as a guest!

resteem you post !

oh well the soil and weather in Afghanistan are so perfect for opium that even Trump agrees continuing the war is more profitable than investing in bitcoin

VERY happy to see you move over to Steemit. THANK YOU for what you do!!!