Russiagate is a Made Up Distraction. The REAL Scandal is Israelgate.

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by James Corbett
December 16, 2017

Almost exactly a year ago, just as the "Russia hacked the election!" delirium was taking shape, I pooh-poohed the idea that "Russiagate" (as it has come to be known) would persist for very long. Once the Trump administration started plowing ahead with its agenda, I argued, the Dems would toss Hillary aside and move on with politics as usual.

Russiagate fading away as Democrats come to terms with the 2016 election? Really, James?

Now I've made some inaccurate predictions before (OK, a lot of inaccurate predictions), but that one takes the cake in terms of how wrong I ended up being.

If you want a demonstration of this point, just type "russia collusion" or "russia interference" into your search engine of choice and feast on the millions and millions of nothingburgers that have been produced this past year chasing this non-story. It would almost be comical how stupid these stories were if it wasn't for the fact that they have real world consequences.

Remember when the evil Russkies hacked the Vermont electrical grid?! Of course you do. But do you remember when the MSM presstitutes immediately amended their fear porn story to admit that the grid had not, in fact, been hacked at all? Of course you don't, because the headlines are reported breathlessly and the "corrections" are issued quietly.

And do you remember when the dastardly Russians hacked into the voting systems of 39 states before the 2016 presidential election? Yeah, that didn't actually happen, either.

And remember when the Russians went international and took their well-known operation to control people's minds through Facebook ads across the pond to England, where they successfully pulled off "Operation Brexit?" Well the results are in, and the latest headlines tell of the startling breadth and scope of this mass mind-control experiment: "Facebook says Russian-linked accounts spent just 97 cents on ads over Brexit."

And remember when ABC's Brian Ross reported that candidate Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Moscow? Well one stock market crash later the suspended Brian Ross would like you to know that he meant president-elect Trump. (Meh, close enough!)

And remember when CNN dropped its bombshell story about how Wikileaks, those known Russian collaborators (*citation needed), were caught sharing their leaks in advance with Team Trump last year (BOOM!)? Well, guess what? More fake news.

It's almost as if this whole Russiagate story is a wild goose chase that the fake news MSM is using to keep the American public distracted. It's a simple enough formula:

  1. Use a scrap of information to create an elaborate conspiracy theory about nefarious Russian activities.
  2. Quietly retract the story when the information is discredited.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Repeat.

It's enough to keep the fluoride-addled, increasingly deranged Hillary holdouts renewing their subscription to the NY Times or the Washington Post even as it makes the rest of the population increasingly tired of the whole story.

But what if that's the point?

Unbeknownst to a large section of the public, there is a very real story about actual collusion between team Trump and a foreign power. The collusion is deep, nefarious, compromises American goals and interests and is being studiously avoided by the dutiful lapdog mouthpieces in both the anti-Trump and pro-Tramp MSM fake news camps (and even among many in the pseudo-alternative media). And you haven't heard a peep about it because this collusion touches the third rail of international geopolitics: Israel.

To uncover this story, let's go back to the whole Flynn plea deal drama. Remember that discredited Brian Ross story? The one that sent the stock market tumbling because everyone thought the whole administration was about to come crumbling down? Well, after the correction was issued and the dust settled, the Russiagate hysterics just continued bumbling along their merry way.

But wait. What was that story actually about? What did Flynn actually do?

For those paying attention, Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to one charge of making false statements to the FBI. Specifically, he denied telling the Russian ambassador not to respond too harshly to the sanctions that then-outgoing President Obama had just slapped on Russia, and he denied trying to convince Russia ("and several other countries") to take a specific position on a UN Security Council resolution that was submitted on December 21, 2016. According to Flynn's plea, both of these denials were false.

OK. So what?

So what, indeed. If the charge is Russian collusion then the first example is, if anything, actually counter evidence. Flynn, on behalf of the then-incoming President of the United States, asked the Russian ambassador not to get into a diplomatic tit-for-tat with Obama. That is not a smoking gun of collusion with a foreign power, it's just a simple job description for someone whose duty was to act as a diplomatic go between for an incoming administration. The only question is why Flynn denied having the conversation at all.

But what about that second denial? About the UN Security Council resolution? What was that all about?

The resolution in question, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, was submitted by Egypt on December 21, 2016 and passed unanimously with one abstention: the United States. The Flynn plea describes the resolution cryptically as pertaining to "the issue of Israeli settlements." More specifically, the resolution reaffirmed the UN Security Council's understanding that "the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law," among other equally fiery statements. As I noted at the time, the resolution's passage was remarkable for the fact that it was one of the strongest UNSC statements against Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine to pass a vote, not because such resolutions are never tabled but because they are always vetoed by the US.

So it was in this context that we can understand Flynn's position. He was ordered, according to his own plea, "to contact officials from foreign governments, including Russia, to learn where each government stood on the resolution and to influence those governments to delay the vote or defeat the resolution." The plea itself only states that the order came from "a very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team," but reports from inner sources soon confirmed who had specifically put Flynn up to this task: Jared Kushner.

Yes, that Jared Kushner.

The Jared Kushner whose family is so connected to Israel's zionist likudniks that he once let Benjamin Netanyahu sleep in his bed. (Yes, literally.)

The Jared Kushner who failed to disclose that he led a foundation that actually funded an illegal Israeli settlement. (Yes, really.)

The Jared Kushner who is actually leading Team Trump's quest for the "ultimate deal:" Israel-Palestine peace. (You can't make this stuff up.)

So just to spell this out: Trump's zionist son-in-law got Flynn to twist the arm of every single member of the UN Security Council to vote against a resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements...and this is a Russian collusion scandal? That is so far from reality it doesn't even make sense. Unless, of course, you realize that there is almost no one on either side of the phony left/right divide willing to call out US-Israeli collusion because it enjoys completely bi-partisan support.

Haim Saban, the billionaire media mogul who was a key funder of Hillary's failed presidential quest, actually hosted a gushing, fawning celebration of Kushner at a recent Brookings Institution event. Meanwhile, Trump's main backer, Sheldon Adelson, just had his decades-long dream come true when Trump unilaterally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Democrat. Republican. When it comes to this collusion story, there’s no real difference.

This, of course, is just one window into the much, much bigger story of US-Israeli collusion. A story that would actually be worth all the attention that is currently being lavished on the Russiagate nonsense (and then some). But you will never see this story being blown wide open by a bombshell breaking news report on your favorite MSMBS channel.

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The rule to live by in the age of corporate media is this: if the MSM is screaming about something, make sure to completely ignore it.

I canceled my cable TV subscription a long time ago and I've never been more happier.

So glad to see many people coming out about how big of a delusion this entire Russiagate scheme has been. I posted about this on another social media platform several months ago, knowing full well that it was a farce from the beginning. I think rather than looking at Russia we should pay closer attention to dealings with Israel. With that being said, I wonder what new concoction CNN will come up with next in order to distract the public from the truth.

Super interesting! Thank you! Lock them all up!

Zionism is the root of most political evil in our world. It's no wonder it isn't discussed...

Thank you so much for this James. This is an informative documentary from 2009 written and presented by Peter Oborne regarding the very powerful and influential lobby promoting the interests of the State of Israel inside Britain which I am sure is mirrored in the U.S. and many if not most other countries in the 'Western' world.

Love the meme, a hoot! I can't stand even looking at Netanyahu. He's a death machine. How does he get away with it. Why is the world putting up with him? Yuck. Feeling very ineffective about all this. Too bad emotion and feelings aren't real enough and had consequence, he'd be dead by now, long and slow and painful.


Never replied to my own comment before, but I realized wishing Netanyahu a slow death, makes me just like him. I take it back.


Nah, doesn't make you just like him cuz he really deserves a long, slow painful death. Don't second guess yourself, you were on the money.


Really very nice post and also your writing.. Thanks for sharing. resteem it

"To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

The Jewish state has a Teflon like armor that has a special feature - if anyone tries to criticize you just yell "Nazi!". The best kind of a get out of jail card...

Yeah I said this same exact thing when the Flynn thing broke. This is Israel Gate not Russia Gate, and because of that the completely controlled Zionist run media has to shut it's mouth about it.

Really very nice post and also your writing.. Thanks for sharing. resteem it

good information writing. Thanks for great news sharing.

to many clever people, including you, it was initially clear that accusations against Russia were fabricated because they hide the real problems or not the gaps that they tried to hide ... thanks for their thoughts

As far as has been noticable from Europe, the US governments have been pushing their mal-management on to Israel for years on end now.
The Russians were just a good cover up story, because many americans still view the Russians as the big evil alcoholic druglords.
Yes, Russia has some.. strange things going on. But not all of the problems can be blamed on that. Sure, things havnt been great in Israel either, but no blame there either really.
The irregularities became obvious with the exploding floors in the WTC. when suddenly the middle east was to blame for that, when in reality it was an inside job. Not just an airplane... Oh well.. seems like they have some great makeup artists... Making up cover stories...

ohh wow follow now

Chew up the meat and spit out the bones! YES, this is a "sensitive topic" to many; however, one should evaluate the true reasons behind these sensitivities" and come to realize the level of "the game?"

It's absolutely baffling how a huge majority of my fellow American lemmings, oops, I mean citizens, cannot blatantly see the unparalleled grip of control that Israel (and Zionism all over the western world) has over every meaningful aspect of U.S. Policy, both foreign and domestic, and that's not even dipping in to the other elements of near total Zionist control that exist in banking and media. It's immensely sad how even the many who do realize this, only succumb to the fear of wrongfully being deemed antisemitic, simply for speaking out, and wanting control back of their own government.

Well if World war 3 starts tomorrow at least I have my Ramens noodles to comfort me.

The real collusion story!

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If all the Jews left US Congress there’d be nobody left

Glad to see anti-smites on steem!
You guys make my day when you all come together as one racists, bigoted group. I am so glad i don't need to search you guys out anymore. You all just say your hatred from behind your computer screen!


I can't defend anyone on here, I just clicked because the title intrigued me, but I can say as someone whose blood grandmother was Jewish, and who had relatives die in the Holocaust, and has more entitlement and 'rights' to move to Israel than a Palestinian family who has been there for hundreds of years...that anti-zionism is not anti-semitism.

I can't be an anti-Semite by virtue of my heritage, but I can and will always be anti Zionism. The government of Israel, and the US Gov't - have done some pretty fKing awful things, inhumane things. Gov't and religion are not the same. A people and it's government are not the same - hell I know Israelis who are against what's going on, as anyone with any kind of consciousness or belief in any God should be.

The blame game is sophomoric. Jews suffered a lot in history, yes, that's true. But that suffering in no way justifies the apartheid state that exists now. War and fighting takes 2 sides - and the Israelis are the ones with the real weapons. While Israel should exist or not is debatable, but it does. Like the US stole the land out from the native Americans. You can't go back in time and undo injustice, but the gov't of israel with the backing of the majority of the world could at least have the dignity to give the Palestinians some portion of their own damn land back....


Being anti-Zionists is the same thing...i don't care what you call it...
You need to get it through your head there has never been and will never be a people call Palestinians... Palestinians ARE JEWS!!!! Rome renamed Israel to Palestine... Get some history ... you can hate all you want... I don't hate the Arabs that live in Israel but they are Arabs from Jordan, Syria, Egypt...

You have to be under 25 since you clearly don't know history of Israel...

Israel's claim to Jerusalem and Israel predates China.... Here is a Muslim that explains it... He is from Saudi Arabia ...

You can be anti-zionist anti-jew ... i don't care the GOD of Israel will always win... again just check history and see every nation that was ever again Israel and how they got destroyed...

Germany and Europe is still getting punished... look at all the muslims they let in... Trojan horse ... now they got countless terrorists attacks.

If you don't think GOD is in control that's fine ... you can believe in no god ... you can believe in anything you want... GOD doesn't care .... He has made himself very visible and clear it's a choice you can make yourself..

There are more proof of Jesus existence than any other proof of ancient Greece or Rome ... yet people still deny Jesus who has over 5000 manuscripts in many languages from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic yet believe in 1 manuscript that is left of Plato in Greek.

Again you can deny history, you can blame all your problems on the 12 million people, the Jews but just remember GOD will be against you. Don't believe just ask the Spanish, Germans, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Assyrians, philistine's, Egyptians etc... we have a very long history and my people are not perfect but Elohim is Perfect...

here you can deny this as well


Meh. Blech. Yawn. Scroll. Time to waste my breath - I was having a conversation with a nice guy earlier, I think he just happened to be Muslim, and we were talking about the ridiculousness of people getting offended by the term "Merry Christmas".

I lived in a bunch of Arab Muslim countries, and went to my friends for giant yummy Iftars during Ramadan and my Hindu friends went too...and it was lovely, lovely, lovely. And we'd talk about Israel and the world and how there are injustices everywhere...but with no ill wishes on the people of Israel - because we all knew good Israelis and were smart enough to know a gov't isn't its people (except, when in your case, it clearly is)...and we could talk freely about our Gods and beliefs and disagree and still be friends.

But you know what I found - that the really religious ones with brains - the ones who may have been born into their faiths, but embraced their personal relationships with whatever God they worshiped was...they never once preached. Nope, they were just good ass people who didn't give 1 shit about anything but their personal relationship with their higher power - and living by what those tenants truly were (to them).

So back to that nice convo earlier with the Muslim Steemian - we came to the conclusion that - and this would blow your mind it sounds like - but that religion can be a grounding and amazing thing for individuals when they don't use it as a weapon, and when they respect the beliefs of others.

In no universe - in no parallel damn dimension does Zionism do that. Notice - I distinguish between Zionism and Judaism - because no sir, you're totally wrong. Lots of good Jews who want nothing to do with the history of bulldozing over Palestinians cause some damn mandate from way back said it was 'their' land.

And now, where I probably get disrespectful, cause I don't believe in any God man created - though I do like bits and pieces of many religions and freely draw from them - citing your holy book to justify the slaughter is basically the same as swearing on a book of greek mythology. How the hell religion can be used in this day and age - and the whole world can recognize it as the cornerstone of a country's existence is beyond me...

I can't get behind superiority complexes and entitlement and believing your religion is the only way - and that it should be cast on others (this happens in many places, here I don't single out just Israel..)

In the words of my two-faced lying orange haired president: "Sad"



The only written word by Jesus (allegedly his Gospel) was the Dead Sea Scrolls which was dismissed by the Jesuits. Maybe gdaveed and many others have forgotten the Oaths God placed upon the Jewish people. If the Messiah has returned its been kept secret.

The Russian turn out to be Israelis.. lol
Best of: Crooked Hillary look back and try to explain Wikileaks is funny:

and the Duran 25 List why Hillary Clinton lost the Election (By Hillary Clinton)

Excellent usual!

It is painful to observe how such a small group of people has so much power to get away with ANY crime, be it in politics, the finance sector, population replacement, social engineering etc. just because everybody seems to be afraid of being called a racist, antisemitic, close minded or judgemental.
Dual citizenship for members of congress? No problem. Zionists on top of almost ALL media, banks, political positions - merely a coincidence.
Behind EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM the world is facing right now we can see their ugly faces pop up - and nobody seems to care.
Maybe we DESERVE being manipulated and ruled by them. Heartbreaking.

nice post.

I agree with @techwizardry but I'm not sure I can cancel my subscription 😂 but still sometimes ignoring most of the screaming is 🔑

Its shameful how Israel can break all International Law and UN Resolutions and continue to do so by simply sticking their fingers up at the rest of the world while continuing their law-breaking.

I think Israel and Russia are fighting over who controls Trump more by the balls, and that may ultimately be what world war III and IV are about.

Who bought Trump more, Putin or Alfabank? They probably both invested in him both equally, but now when it comes to Syria both of those interests are at complete odds, so you see Trump playing both sides.

Once you see the two, shrivelled, likely diseased testicles of trump as being held by Russia and Israel, what is going on in the world makes more sense.

There is finally a check against Israel, which was inevitable as their plans to invade Syria have become clear.

And also, it is proven fact by even USA Today that ISIS was armed by the United States and Saudi Arabia, so that pretty much means to win the war on terror, the united states would have to attack itself. I'd say it would just be easier to end the war on terror.

But f*** me right?