Wicked World #1: Chinese Persecution Of Falun Gong

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Since this is the first edition of a segment I'm calling Wicked World ill give a short intro into what it will be about. It’s pretty self explanatory but this segment will basically be about any world issues that i believe should be brought to light. In this first edition I'm going to discuss the extra-judicial persecution of Falun Gong members in China. These people are some of the most peaceful people on the planet and they have been going through Hell for the last 19 yrs.

What is Falun Gong

Falun Gong/Dafa is a spiritual practice that combines meditation with qigong exercises that is centered around the moral philosophy of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. To me it just looks like a more spiritual form of Yoga that has a good message behind it. FG is a modern Chinese practice having first been taught publicly in Northeastern China by Li Honghzi. It became popular with more than 100 million people in china due to its health benefits and its moral and philosophical elements. One of my friends is a practicioner of Falun Gong but luckily he is in the U.S. and not in China. Many others are not so fortunate.

1992-1995 The Good times

At the beginning of its existence Falun Gong had the support of the Communist party. The party saw that health bills were decreasing, crime was falling and morality was rising which gave it a favorable image in the eyes of the Chinese people and the Communist Party.

The CCP welcomed it into the government administered China Qigong Scientific Research Society (CQRS), an organization that preserves the ancient, natural healing tradition of Qigong through education, training and research.

In 1993 the first major instructional text of FG called China Falun Gong written by Master Li Honghzi was published by the Military Yiwen Press. The book explains the basic cosmology of FG, its moral system and exercises. from 1993 to 1995 media coverage of FG was positive but all of that was about to change.

1996-1999 The turning point

In 1996 Falun Gong withdraws itself from the CQSRS and begins to receive unfavorable scrutiny by the state run press.

FG becomes a subject of debate within the Communist party with some ministries expressing support and others becoming increasingly wary of the practice. This debate also showed itself in the media with some sources praising the health benefits while others criticize it as a pseudoscience.

Party officials began fearing the popularity of Falun Gong due to the incredible size of its following with over 70 million members, which was more than the membership of the Chinese Communist Party.

In 1999, Jiang Zemin, (The evil toad looking MF in the picture above) the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of China created the 610 office and began the Persecution of Falun Gong members.

The 610 Office Chinas Gestapo

Jiang Zemin Created The 610 office on June 10th 1999 as a way to consolidate his power within the splintered Communist party and to crush the Falun Gong Movement.

It is a “security agency” within China also known as the Chinese Gestapo by outsiders. The 610 office was above the law which gave it unprecedented power to achieve its goal of crushing Falun Gong and its followers.

The picture above is an instructional picture taken from one of the 610 offices. i can’t read Mandarin so i had a friend try to translate it and he even had a hard time since its in a weird dialect. He said the guard is saying “if she dies we will just say she committed suicide”. Which is something they do all the time. Many people die from the beatings they receive in jail.

Point of no return

The persecution of FG began in July of 1999 with a massive propaganda campaign, book burnings and the extra-judicial imprisonment of more than 10,000 FG members.

While imprisoned many FG members were tortured in order to get them to sign a formal declaration denouncing FG. Some torture methods used on the people were hanging them strung up with their arms behind their backs, beating them with electric batons and locking them in cages and submerging them up to their necks in sewage water.

Videos on Chinese State Run media showed FG members who couldn't take it anymore formally confessing to crimes against the Communist Party. The lucky ones only got beaten and jail time. The unlucky ones had their organs harvested and then their bodies were incinerated in the hospital boiler room.

This is a type of evil i never thought existed in this world. Most of us have probably heard stories of small syndicates stealing organs but never about a state government doing it. This is just sick and inhumane and the people committing these crimes need to be brought to justice.

No end in sight

Jiang Zemin retired from the communist party and relinquished his leadership titles in 2005. He still had influence of the party for some time after but it seems to be diminishing.

Xi Jinping the new president of china is currently going through an anti corruption campaign. A lot of people with close ties to Jiang Zemin have been purged and sent to jail. It would seem like there might be hope for china but this “Anti-Corruption Campaign” is just a way for Xi Jinping to consolidate his power and oust people of Jiangs faction.

Since Xi took office the persecution of Falun Gong has not stopped. All that has happened is that it has become more underground. People just disappear without a trace. It seems like the Communist Party is still addicted to the money being made from Falun Gong Organs.

Its not much but if you would like to help these people you can sign the petition to stop Organ harvesting in china here

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Just found this awesome post! Sorry I missed it. Following.

I rather live in my own poor country than in that kind of communist-run nation of evil.


I would probably enjoy living anywhere except a communist country


Lol true

I remember learning about this way back when i was in school. The world is pretty crazy. Even more crazy is that so many foreigners who traveled to China to receive organ transplants (cheaper/quicker than in the USA or Australia) most likely has organs that were stolen from murdered FG victims. It is so well known in my home country of Australia yet people still go to China for organs and pretend/play ignorant. Really shocking.


Very interesting perspective. Sounds about right, especially when considering the health and high vibration of the FGs


Makes it even worse that such healthy and balanced human beings were executed, ending their life way to early. :(


Very shocking. The odds are very high that they are from Falun Gong practitioners. China doesn't have a big organ donation system since the Chinese believe the body should remain intact even after death. The estimated number of people killed for their organs is around 1.5 million. That is insane!!!


The world is a crazy place full with crazy ideas

Man that is just fucked up!!

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WOW, so glad I read this post. I have studied the "currency war" situation that we are in with China, and I thought that they (the CCP) were just trying to insulate themselves from a very likely U$D Collapse, but at the same time trying to elevate the Chinese ¥uan to WRC status. If they are allowed to assume control of the World Reserve Currency, I now fear that this type f evil will spread further and faster than ever before.
Not that those who are in control of the U$D Debt Paradigm are blameless, but if China is allowed WRC status, they will be the #1 superpower on the planet. Scary Thought!

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