The Steemprentice Guild Experiment

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Hot on the heels of @crowdfundedwhale's initiative which I wrote about in The Crowd Funded Whale Experiement, @virtualgrowth has expanded the Steemprentice project to include an auto voted guild of supporters. You can read the full details here on the annoucement thread: ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing - 10 STEEM to join or donate or write a post.

The premise seems similar to the crowd funded whale in that if you are an original content creator seeking to gain another upvote behind your posts you can donate to the project to get on a auto vote bot. The price is a minimum of 10STEEM. I have sent over that amount and will let you guys know if it was worth it after giving the project a chance to grow.

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@contentjunkie Thank you very much for the follow up and support! The @steemprentice account got the slider bar in just two days with almost two dozen users having joined the experiment. Had this idea before I even saw the crowdfundedwhale and thinking it should be more like 10 STEEM or so to enter partially as this is about the right price to reach slider bar status so voting percentages can be changed to keep voting power spread between members and build up in STEEM POWER.

Anyone may also reach out to me with ideas or suggestions to include with the experiment as any insight is valued and appreciated.

Let me know if it is worth it. :)

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He's always helping. I've been getting some help to revive @voteinterestpool too. I didn't support crowdfundedwhale until he mentioned it. Well, I thought he was behind it first but I was wrong. A great project nonetheless. @steemprentice too

Not behind crowdfundedwhale but had noticed many members of steemprentice signing up for crowdfundedwhale which led me further to the latest idea with @steemprentice.

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