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RE: Right Sector and Svoboda in Ukraine Hold Massive Torchlight March in Honor of WW2 Nazi Collaborator Stephan Bandera

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So many people affected on all sides. What I try to do with my posting is reveal facts that have been hidden from the public by global governments so that people can find out the truth about the wars and make informed decisions based upon such. During WW2 millions of people were, like the woman in your book, caught between a rock and a hard place. Its worth mentioning that Latvia also had a Waffen SS division and they were heavily instrumental in the siege of Soviet cities that led to the deaths of millions of people.

2nd Latvian SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant derr Waffen- Led by SS Bruno Streckenbach

Unfortunately, the eastern European Waffen SS divisions are often covered up in western history because they don't fit the narrative related to post war Soviet occupation. Other countries with their own Waffen SS Divisions included Estonia, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Slovenia, Belarussia, Romania, Bosnia and from the western European countries, French, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Netherlands, Flanders, Italian, Dutch, Wallonian volunteer battalions.


@clarityofsignal Hey can you make a video on the Armenian and Azerbaijan War going on since the collapse of the Soviet Union and thanks for the videos keep them coming I enjoy reading about conflicts going around in the world.

Hi @californiacrypto, I am not very well researched on the subject but I will be glad to look into it and see if I can put together some interesting material for a post. I should mention though that I try to primarily focus on history in relation to what is occurring now, particularly in relation to major current hotspots on the Grand Chessboard and the nefarious actions of well known global elitists. A lot of the information I post comes from friends and contacts in the war zones, plus my own deeper research in regards to such.

👍 I enjoy reading your posts.

It's a time period that needs people to take the time and reveal facts that have been hidden about it. I agree with you. So much of history has been under wrap. I grew up in the Cold War era, so we at least knew a little bit, but I find that youth today in America are very uninformed about any of it, which is frightening.