Highlighting The Intercept's Owner Pierre Omidyar's Verifiable Connections to the Deep State - Booze, Allen, Hamilton

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In light of the recent Intercept attack piece on Wikileaks's Julian Assange, it is important to highlight the following connections between Pierre Omidyar and the US Deep State firm Booze, Allen, Hamilton.

Link to Intercept article attacking the character of Julian Assange:


Link to Wikipedia page on Intercept owner Pierre Omidyar:


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Caveat: Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, however, for this article a simple Wikipedia summary will suffice for a basic understanding of who Pierre Omidyar is.

Link to Crunchbase acquisition page showing direct connection of Omidyar Network to Innocentive corporation:


Screenshots taken from above Innocentive link proving such:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.53.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.53.27 AM.png

Link proving collaboration between Innocentive corporation and US Deep State firm Booze, Allen, Hamilton


Screenshot taken from link:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.57.05 AM.png

Tweet from Pierre Omidyar in 2009 (screen captured by Wikileaks) reveals dissatisfaction with Wikileaks:


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.43.33 AM.png

Pando article related to Pierre Omidyar Tweet message:


In regards to the hit piece released by Omidyar's Intercept, if only The Intercept had put as much time into exposing the US government supported terrorists (read White Helmets) in Syria instead of going after a publisher of global government documents that prove wrongdoings, corruption and war crimes. The Intercept article is quite a pathetic hit piece on Julian Assange that they have specifically chosen to publish at this time. The article covers all the typical divide and conquer bases, including the faux feminist agenda (check), don't criticize the Jews (check), not pro-LGBT enough (check), males disrespectful to powerful women (check), rehashing of the already dismissed sex allegations (check)..... its all there, including statements intentionally taken out of context......all intentionally orchestrated to paint a bad picture of Assange.

It should be noted that The Intercept intentionally chose to misrepresent events in Syria and even provided propaganda that aided the now fully exposed 'opposition rebels' (read FSA terrorist groups/al-Nusra Front). That alone should make readers highly wary of the role The Intercept currently plays when it comes to honest reporting. It has not come clean in regards to such misreporting and non-reporting. (And yes, intentional omission of important stories related to such is a form of propaganda also).

It is also notable that Jeremy Scahill previously refused to participate at a conference that included Mother Agnes (a Syria nun) who was reporting in 2013 that the FSA/opposition were al-Qaeda linked. Scahill was adamant that he would not participate if the (now obviously vindicated) nun was in attendance due to her statements about the opposition, who he reported as legitimate.

Link to Guardian article proving such:

Critics question Catholic nun's 'alternative story' on Syria civil war
Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix tours US after publishing report claiming chemical attacks evidence was fabricated


Screen cap from Guardian article:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.39.14 AM.png

First Look Media owner Pierre Omidyar is also partnering with Virgin owner Richard Branson in other financial endeavors. Branson is a global elitist that has helped carry out the corrupt establishment's propaganda agenda in regards to the wars in Syria, Ukraine and Libya. He also is a huge supporter of the Saudi regime. Articles related to such can easily be found via a quick search online.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.13.25 AM.png

All told The Intercept appears to be not very honest these days. I have appreciated Glenn Greenwald's past reporting and I haven't seen any evidence that he is involved in this intentional misreporting, but I do think he owes it to his loyal following base to explain what has happened to The Intercept, and particularly why they misreported events in relation the war on Syria. Those are the pressing questions that reporters should be asking instead of using partisan tactics and the divisive SJW agenda for attacking the credibility of one of the worlds leading whistleblowers.

Additional 2016 Pando article by Paul Bradley Carr reveals Pierre Omidyar gave an award to The Intercept from his own organization "The Democracy Fund".


Screenshot from article notes Omidyar connections to US State Department and coup in Ukraine:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.17.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.18.38 AM.png

Note: All the above information, and my opinion related to such, is derived from online sources, portions of which came from the above mentioned individuals themselves, as well as others with an interest in the subject matter.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Greenwald is the only remaining sane person there. Scahill went full SJW and wouldn't appear on Bill Maher over Milo being on. He bought the Russia collusion story, and I wasn't aware of the Syria stuff but wow.

The Intercept fell off hard, having that race-baiter Shaun White as a writer there was a nail in their coffin.

Scahill was also involved with misreporting information alongside his partner Amy Goodman when it came to the truth about the liberation of Aleppo. I recommend watching "Tapestry of Terror" in order to see how Goodman misrepresented events in Aleppo, Syria. This video is a true eye-opener. Its noteworthy also that TruthOut also ran with Amy Goodman's false narrative. After Russian and Syrian armed forces liberated Aleppo it was revealed that there were approximately 35,000 people in that part of the city. Approximately 10,000 were FSA/al-Nusra Front jihadists holding civilians hostage, who were at that time placed on buses by the Syrian government and transported to Idlib, Syria (an al-Nusra Front main base). The Tapestry of Terror video reveals that Amy Goodman (via her own statements)reported over 250,000 people were trapped and being barrel bombed by the Syrian and Russian armed forces. She also stated over 100,000 of those 250,000 'trapped' people were children. These were obvious misrepresentations of the facts on the ground, yet she promoted them as truth, and had guests on her show who asserted such. Additional link proving such:


Tapestry of Terror (Highly Graphic) - White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS

You have to recognize that when you pick out a single topic and post only about that, it makes you look like a shill for one side. Everything you have posted about on steemit is either pro-russian view in ukraeine or pro-russian view in syria.

What about the shredding of the constitution by the american police/cia forces?

What about the president of the united states having ties to foreign government, including israel, that any other president would have been laughed out of the country for having. JFK was a huge scandal just because he was kindof catholic. What if he actually had 500million in business investment from the pope too? And that's the pope, not the president of russia.

What about all these popup nooz sites whose ownership and purpose can't be verified?

As a marine you sword to defend the constitution, if you aren't writing about how it's being shredded and how the president can't be trusted, then I can't believe you are taking that oath seriously.

I'm not worried about perceived bias. I just post about what I perceive to be the truth regarding important geopolitical matters and the crimes of the global elite. I leave it up to you to answer your own questions and reveal what you like in regards to the topics you mention. Much of what you are stating is, unfortunately, whataboutism.

Regarding Trump, you may want to do some research on the material I have posted in relation to his backers and the Hegelian Dialectic.

Beyond The Divisive Agenda – Defining Donald Trump As A Tool of The Zionist-Elite And Why He Was Really Placed In Power To Wage War on Iran


Just an FYI: I see your favorite sites TruthOut, TruthDig, Democracy Now, The Intercept, AlterNet, Salon as the antithesis to the republicans thesis. Both sides keep the American people spinning on the endless hamster wheel. The sites I mention are simply corrals where "so called liberals" are shepherded and kept from addressing some of the most important issues related to all this geopolitical madness and divisiveness. They play a major role in the divide and conquer agenda. Many of their main players can be traced back to a number of elitist foundations and individuals. The Hegelian Dialectic is employed to keep the American people at each others throats and in the dark as to the warcrimes and support for terrorist groups/financiers that the US government is conducting overseas. Keep in mind that I state "so called liberals" due to the fact that a real liberal progressive person would be anti-war first and foremost ( the people at those sites seem to forget that real people of all persuasions are being killed in the US Deep States wars for Empire. The folks that run those sites have a clear bias proven by the fact they have misreported the wars in Syria, Libya and Ukraine. They primarily neglected to report on them (propaganda by omission), and/or provided misreporting in relation to these nefarious US and NATO actions.

As far as my oath as a Marine goes, I subscribe to the philosophy of USMC General Smedley Butler........War is a Racket. The enemy is not foreign, it is domestic. It is within the top tiers of the US government and the MIC which President Dwight Eisenhower warned about. It has come to be our sad reality. Any true Marine should be working to reveal those nefarious connections before they and their Marine Corps brothers and sisters end up dying for a rich mans lie.

You have it really wrong about my favorite sites, I did quote the intercept as I believe their story about the leak of assange's private chats where he reveals he's batshit and absolutely unobjective, but I actually wrote a post about my favorite sites here:

truthdig is indeed one of them, I do not feel it plays into the dialectic that divides americans, hedges talks all the time about the fake dichotomy and bankrupcy of the democratic party.

This all though sounds much better, I suppose it might help you to know though that scanning your work of late it has just all been focused on a pretty one sided aspect of things. Sure I want american soldiers out of syria and I don't think ukraine belongs in nato, or that the united states should foment revolutions in other countries, or israel like they did in egypt tunisia libya and syria.

so just maybe round out your blog some more with the antizionist, war is a a racket stuff, and then I wont write stuff like I did.

I recommend everyone check out my privacy workshop, it is my most important work and has a lot of stuff in one place that can't be found elsewhere without a lot of time looking around. I ultimately am arguing for the individual in western civilization vs the eastern mentality that is ultimately fascist, totalitarian and plutarchic in all of the worst ways.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you! I seriously was wondering about the Amy Goodman and TruthOut situation after I heard Ray McGovern tell Tom Woods that he was BANNED from Democracy Now! for questioning the Russia/Syria/Trump narrative.

Exactly what I was looking for.

EDIT: Those numbers don't even remotely pass the smell test. 250,000 children?

The White Helmet scandal I learned about from Max Blumenthal with his work at Alternet. I've used that to open some eyes to the truth of Aleppo.

Do you know if Goodman covered the US-backed slaughters in Mosul?

I don't follow democracy now due to their refusal to accept the truth about 9/11 being a mossad/rogueCIA operation.

Max Blumenthal is awesome, if you search radio4all.net for him you can find some awesome talks. But really this link: https://steemit.com/truth/@mindhawk/truth-now-links-1-actual-journalism-on-the-internet

Has some great middle east links, it all goes back to the creation of israel and they have been screwing the united states over since before day 1.

Fantastic article...All of these organisations could possibly be playing a clever game of cat and mouse, or good cop bad cop. There may even appear to be visible division from the outside, between certain characters, but that may just be a game of charades to play with peoples minds. Who knows, but time will tell...

Well researched and written article Christopher!

I had just read an article about this particular post from The Intercept from another excellent Steemian - @caitlinjohnstone - entitled The Intercept Is Transitioning From Guard Dog To Attack Dog For The Establishment.

I, and probably many others, are deeply dissapointed in the outlet The Intercept, as with its star reporter Glenn Greenwald we all expect something great.

It is readily apparent that the reporter of the original story bashing Wikileaks - Micah Lee - is certainly a third class biased reporter, at best. With this article, he certainly doesn't appear to uphold the standards we all thought were an integral part of this independent news outlet.

And thanks to you in this article, we can certainly infer that the billionaire owner of The Intercept, Pierre Omidyar does indeed appear to have ties (or at least some very questionable alliances) to the Deep State which greatly puts a stain on this supposed independent news outlet. This is reminiscent of billionnaire Jeff Bezos and his own propaganda outlet Bezos' Blog, or sorry I meant The Washington Compost.

I think we must caution, though, about directly associating Glenn Greenwald in this affair and not throw him under the bus, so to speak.


Personally, I think he is getting caught in the middle of this controversy, wanting to remain loyal to both his readership and his colleagues; it's a tight position to be in. But, rather disappointingly, he does seem to be leaning more towards the latter as per his Tweets on the matter.


Personally, I think he needs to do some damage control to maintain his own reputation and journalistic integrity. He would also have some explaining to do regarding his boss' Deep State connections. Perhaps, even, he should reconsider whether this outlet suits his original watchdog-like and hungry appetite for the pursuit of not only truth, but justice as well.

Thanks Dan, check out my post to Chieppa 1 here and it will give you an idea of what I think is going on with these "sleeper" reporters. I believe they are now simply choosing sides and showing their true nature. The choice for them is one of honesty versus fear. They seem to be small minded in the end, unfortunately.

It was Caitlin's article that led me to that Intercept article and the decision to do a little research on Omidyar. There is actually quite a lot of material out there, but I chose to simply grab some screenshots and links to the most direct and obvious one.

Christopher, did you receive my email from yesterday? I want to know if it was successfully sent; if it wasn't maybe I can send a bug report.

Hi Dan, I got side tracked. Will check it now and get back to you. Sorry about that. :)

Most of this article can be found at this rense article:

You fail to refute any of the actual statements of assange, which destroy his credibility, and frankly, his sanity. He speaks of himself as 'we' and basically acts like a russian troll in regards to every minority. And he runs wikileaks like its palantir, tells his volunteers to smeer people and make fake accounts.

Wikileaks has no credibilty, also the purpose of your account is clearly to defend russia, just like wikileaks itself. Nearly every post is 'ukraine is being bad in donetsk' etc.

Is your account run by a single person? Are you really in georgia? Do you personally have any ties with russia or are you otherwise paid for your work on steemit?

@mindhawk Do you acknowledge that a coup took place in 2014 in the country of Ukraine? Backed by the US & Western interests?

I've found that anyone who understands what actually happened in that time period looks at the United States as the aggressive imperial power attempting to isolate Russia with the help of NATO.

I've also found that anyone discussing US/Russia relations through this prism is seen as working "for Russia". Including credible journalists and experts who just continued to base their opinions off the facts presented to them.

Examples: Sey Hersh, Phil Giraldi, Patrick & Andrew Cockburn, Eric Margolis, Ray McGovern

I do believe that the USA is the aggressor and affected the Ukrainian election.

I am not particularly upset about the crimean invasion, even though it was a war crime and act of aggression.

I am actually a fan of russia's work in syria, I do not believe Israel should be able to take over the whole region as they have been attempting to do. Nor do I believe in the right of israel to exist as a racist apartheid state, and the creation of israel historically was a brazen warcrime.

The United States is also committing war crimes by whatever it is doing in Syria, which is an act of aggression.

However ,there is a ton of evidence that Russians have infiltrated the american media, including steemit, and that they various russian oligarchs own Donald Trump. Meaning not only is he a horrible businessman, but he is a fraud and traitor.

My views regarding russia are complex because I believe it is a complex issue where both sides have done a lot of wrong, but I agree with Putin that all of the current problems go back to the refusal of the United States to enter into a peacetime posture after the fall of the berlin wall. And of course the expansion of nato, and the placement of bases.

My beliefs actually are about western civilization, I do not believe even russia or israel could stand alone against china without the united states. So both Russia and Israel need to begin acting like western nations, with freedom of speech, rejection of racism and rule of law/balance of power within their governments.

At the moment I have simply been in conflct with accounts/people/entities who clearly are not what they say they are. And anyone, including assange, who accepts the use of sock puppet/sybil accounts is ruining the internet and polluting to the world to a point where no one can believe anything.

So, it is not that any one person says any one thing that is pro russia, but what I am seeing on clarity's account, and a nest of others which I have recently blogged about, simply harp about how Trump isn't tied to russia, when it is a clear fact that he owes them a ton of money and his entire organization is half russian. And then the republicans/fox news who for decades demonized russia and then flipped on a dime in november 2016.

So there is plenty of blame to go around, but anyone actually interested in peace rather than picking a side and going loco, needs to be careful to maintain objectivity and distance from parties that clearly are not deserving of allegiance.

Thanks for the response. In terms of the Trump-Russia connection, none of these investigates has provided any evidence. So as of now it is a conspiracy theory that Russia influenced the election on behalf of Trump.

You stated "clear facts", which are those? Trump's connections to Russia if anything are on par with the connections of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and there was ZERO talk about these connections. This seems to be the issue with most of the people who defend Trump. Why are Clinton's foreign influences not covered?

My answer to this question is simply that Trump did not go along with the establishment's plan in Syria. Destabilize and overthrow. No-fly zones and the like.

Multiple times you have now stated that I am pro -Trump, even though I directed you to my site which clearly states I have no political side. I put this post together in October 2017.

Beyond The Divisive Agenda – Defining Donald Trump As A Tool of The Zionist-Elite And Why He Was Really Placed In Power To Wage War on Iran


I made this video in March 2017 which clearly features an image stating "Trump Used Russian Salad Dressing" at the conclusion to let people know that they are watching an elaborate show being played out by the Deep State/elite. There never was any Russian interference in the US election. DNC staffer Seth Rich was the leaker of the Podesta emails that proved Clintons corruption and collusion with the Saudi backers of ISIS. This was discussed in the emails by the way.


If you conduct a search on my posts at Jackpine Radicals prior to the US (s)election then you will see exactly how I portrayed Trump on numerous occasions. Everything I wrote at JPR then has come to be in reality now. My predictions regarding Trump/ his backers/ Kissinger/ the Deep State/War on Iran were accurate. The only time I ever provided any statement that might be perceived as 'support' for Trump was when I stated he will likely be less likely to start WW3 than Clinton due to the fact that he stated he is willing to work with Russia, and that Russia is going after ISIS. He has since let down his base, same as Obama did his, same as Sanders did his. Thus, its quite plain to see who is really pulling all their strings.


Thank you for the link to the Rense article. I wasn't aware of it. Most of this material is derived from other commenters at The Intercept's comment section, plus some material I already had saved. I simply just put it together in a more easily readable manner for the public.

The purpose of my Clarity of Signal accounts are stated clearly at my main page. You can check it out for yourself. I am a USMC veteran and use any verifiable information I can find to help expose the crimes of our government. I consider that the work of a true patriot. Real patriotism sometimes requires dissent, particularly when our brothers and sisters may be dying for lies orchestrated by corrupt global elitists.

It is not my purpose (with this post) to "refute" any statements of Julian Assange. His character is not of importance to me. I am more interested in the material that he provides to the public......material which reveals criminality, and particularly, warcrimes on the part of our government. Look under the header "Moments of Clarity".


As far as Russia goes, I look at it like..........one piece of the puzzle at a time. As far as the war in Ukraine goes, I have been primarily focused on the ruses related to Syria for the past year. Stories like this one, for example:


I did, and still do, feel that the people of the breakaway regions in East Ukraine deserve their own country and right to self determination without being killed for it by the Kiev regimes fascist Azov battalion. They should enjoy the same rights as the people of Catalonia and Scotland if they decide to hold a vote and split from a government that they believe has become obviously evil and corrupt.

btw your main upvoter @v4vapid is a disinformation agent of some kind and everything he upvotes is held under suspicion by me now.

I think you are not doing yourself any favors when it comes to credibility. I usually try to help people wake up a bit, but in your case you have commenced with a lot of slanderous accusations against myself and solid posters here at Steemit. Your online manner comes across as obtuse, selfish and rude. Thus, I'll simply let you wallow in your own negativity and irrelevance. The only future response you can expect from me from now on out is a referential link to this conversation.

The consistent response of people in the circle of disinformation accounts that v4 likes always does what you just did, rather than address the issue, just makes up some stuff that they kindof wish was bad about my character. Frankly I don't care about any personal attacks, I don't write to be well liked by trolls, agents, shills and people who can't think their way out of a paper bag.

I write extensively about my reasoning here:

If there were a second aspect of v4's disinfo circle that stood out it is that none of you apparently read a single thing I wrote lol. Like from the start you said all kinds of things about sources I don't care much about, overlooking my extensive post on the information sources I do like.

It makes me wonder if you know how to read and write, or if you are just copying and pasting this from somewhere else.

Because if you took a second to actually examine my blog, as I did yours, you would see that it's scope surpasses your work by several orders of magnitude. I write more, about more things, and what I write is better.

I could throw your entire blog, and v4's, together in an afternoon.

does this mean.png


roflmao bye!

As far as getting people to read your blog posts and what you wrote, a little humility would go a long way towards tempting people in that regard.

The most recent article by James Risen at The Intercept confirms that they have bought into the Trump-Russia. Not surprising coming from Risen.

So many disappointments. I think some of them join on the anti-Russia bandwagon now because they believe the cart is far down the track and its do or die time. I see it as now is an opportunity to come clean and help make the world a better place, but the weak minded folks who were sitting on the sidelines are afraid of what the future holds thus they join the cacophony and shake their pompoms.

btw wtf is up with your spammy replies if you are such clarity of signal?


Any replies from me to you can be confirmed via your own accounts "replies" tab and my accounts "comments" tab. Thus, I do not know where you attained your graphic or what it represents. My responses to people are usually quite lengthy and thorough. What you have posted shows an orange character (that I am not familiar with) and response times that are 1, 2 and 7 minutes apart. Thus, not my style of posting either. All of my responses to you have been in this thread and are based upon your own presumptive assertions. Your own actions in this thread have defined your character. I will leave it for others to judge for themselves your humility, professionalism and integrity. That integrity, or lack thereof, may also have something to do with your posted image.

I have now taken the liberty of capturing a screenshot of this graphic you have placed up and juxtaposing it with screenshots of actual comments made by me to you which are in your own "replies" box. An examination of your pages "replies " box shows that there are a total of 7 comments from me to you. One of those comments is from today. Of the six other comments, 3 are from 4 days ago and are quite lengthy and include links to my main site, thus they would take much longer than 1, 2 or 7 minutes to make, and 3 are from three days ago and simply address your lack of politeness, thus, I think it might be you whose credibility may be at stake. If you'd like to address this issue further I await your response and then we can go through the timeframe required to make each of my 6 comments to you which are shown in this discussion about the Intercept's Pierre Omidyar. We can also discuss how you and your misleading graphic have failed to represent the truth in regards to my posts.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.11.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.13.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.14.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.14.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.14.53 PM.png

Your own posted image list portrays me as posting 5 comments in quick succession with the timeframes being:

21 minutes, 22 minutes, 24 minutes, 25 minutes and 32 minutes. However, this does not match the reality within your own pages "replies" box. It also doesn't match the screen captured images I took of my replies to you in your "replies" box. Thus, I believe you have exposed your own deceptive nature.

Just found this one! Great piece of research! Thanks.