Poker Today: Issue 7

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A poker-centric community content series, Poker Today highlights upcoming events, news & trends, and personalities within the Steem Poker community.

Poker Today was created to streamline current Steem Poker operations, increase awareness of Steem Poker on this platform and others, and raise support for ongoing community activities.


Run by @chiefmappster and @nicnas , the post payouts of Poker Today go to achieving these three main goals.

This Poker Today marks the seventh issue of the Poker Today content series.


Topics discussed in this issue of Poker Today are:

  • information and results from this past week's events from the @spl , Steem Pro Poker League, and the Weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney

  • information about the now live @spl Team League

  • the introductory discussion of the World Series of Steempoker (WSOS)

  • more epic updates to thanks to the efforts of @internetguy one of the world’s OG internet ninja

  • schedule and sign-up information about this week's events from the @spl , Steem Pro Poker League, and the Weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney

Future issues of Poker Today will also include interviews of Steem Poker personalities.

@guy-fawkes420 is currently planning the first interview. You better get on this @bigpchef is killin the interview game right now o weeeee.

Check the latest interview fresh out here:


Three (3) awesome Steem Poker community events took place this past week.

The sixth Steemit Poker Pro League Tourney was the most recent event played this past week by the Steem Poker community. Thirty (30) Steemians battled out a grueling Pro League competition.


@luj hammered out a win with what turned out to be a wild tournament consisting of huge swings. He took down @lebekons heads-up winning 25 SBD for his efforts.


Check out more detailed analysis and coverage of the event here:

The next event played by the Steem Poker community was the Weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney hosted by @chiefmappster


courtesy of @internetguy

Twenty-eight (28) Steemians took part in the fifth Weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney hosted on the epic the home of the @spl and Steemit's premiere poker portal.

@ spirits4you ultimately ended up taking down the top prize by destroying the competition to beat out @mys for first place and win 15 SBD.

Sign-up for this upcoming weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney at , and check out the epic hand-by-hand recap of the entire Thursday Tourney at courtesy of @internetguy

Lastly, the 50 SBD Steem Poker League Tourney was played four days ago on July 25th. The @spl is the premiere Steem Poker league that was founded by @tuck-fheman and @bigpchef and has paid out over 2400 SBD out to date to Steemians apart of the Steem Poker community.

One day us as a poker community will give back because you two have created so much real, positive change its absolutely inspirational to see. Thanks again @tuckf-theman and @bigbchef .


Thirty (30) Steemians took part in this epic poker tourney hosted by the @spl . @bigbchef executed his way through the tournament with poker strategy straight from the movie Rounders . After watching Rounders eight (8) times before the tournament, @bigpchef did his best Matt Damon impression and beat @guyfawkes4-20 for the victory and 25 SBD.


Check out more coverage of the event with a write-up by @tuck-fheman here:


The second topic discussed in Poker Today is the beginning of the Team League, an epic community-building idea that @tuck-ftheman and @bigpchef created.

The Team League competition encourages teams of three (3) Steemians to come together and finish the best they can in the remaining @spl and Pro League tournaments. Seven teams are now competing for a winner take all prize pool of 84 SBD.


One team logo

Standings after today's tournament:
Team Level 5 - 18.810 Points
Team Monkey Pimps - 12.364 Points
Team Epic - 5.515 Points

What an epic way to build a community and have a lot of fun in the process. Props to you guys. The ideas keep flowing from you two.

Check out the team logos and members and more information about the Team League competition here:


The World Series of Steempoker (WSOS) is the next top discussed in this issue of Poker Today.

The goal of the WSOS is to reinforce all the community spirit and bonds created by the Steem poker community in an offline atmosphere. So the discussion to bring the WSOS to fruition is now being brought the the Steem Poker community.


What ideas do you have for a real-life poker tournament made up of Poker Steemians?

We can pursue a route that brings the WSOS being at the Palms Casino. But just wanted to get the community's feedback. Comment and let us know.


The fourth topic discussed in Poker Today Issue 7 is the absolutely incredible combination of web tools @internetguy has created for the @spl . Streamlining the @spl 's operations is always the goal and with all the continual updates to both and the @spl ‘s online presence has never been better

First @internetguy created the legendary poker portal and has incorporated many changes to the portal to make sure it is user friendly, displays crazy amounts of information, and is always current, up-to-date information.

@internetguy also developed an epic tool, , that literally can give a comprehensive, visually-appealing recap of every tournament and live game played by the Steem Poker community. This helps the leaders of the @spl create the posts debriefing this information in a more effective and efficient manner. It also allows for another avenue to highlight key matches such as #1 rated Lucksacks player versus the #2 rated Lucksacks player.

screencapture-pokertool-1501381405506.png also now keeps tracking of creative rankings and competitions that @internetguy has created to keep the Steem Poker community as interactive and interesting as possible. There is so much value on this platform it is absolutely ridiculous.


Thanks again @internetguy for all the time, attention, and resources you put into building this Steem Poker community. You are much appreciated.


The fifth and final topic discussed in this issue of Poker Today is the schedule for this upcoming week's events.


Monday, July 31st at 6AM CDT / 11AM UTC is the @spl 's 50 SBD league tourney. Register for the tournament at

This Thursday July 27th at 1PM CDT / 6PM UTC is the 30 SBD Thursday Steem Poker Tourney hosted by @chiefmappster. Register for the tournament at

Lastly, Friday August 4th at 8AM CDT / 1PM UTC is Steem Pro Poker League hosted on Pokerstars. The Pro League is currently filled up with fifty (50) players so if you would like to join let someone in the Poker Discord channel know. Link here:


This concludes Issue 7 of Poker Today. Stay tuned for Issue 8 in a few days.

Make sure to follow @spl, @tuck-fheman , @bigpchef , @chiefmappster, and @nicnas for information from some of the leaders of the Steem poker community.

All post proceeds go to streamlining current @spl operations, increasing awareness of the poker community to the whole platform and others, and support ongoing community activities.


Thank you as always for your time and attention.



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Especially Team Epic.. Good job today @chiefmappster. Your a beast. Great issue of Poker Today, definitely the best for sure.

Wow man thank you so much for your words. You are the da but for real you are

Steem's got poker? I'm definitely staying now! Take my goddamn money!! :p

Speaking of Steem and poker, I'm a sometimes web developer and having just learnt about steem and the blockchain I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some app ideas. Poker was one of the first I thought of... Just got to work out how I can combine the blockchain with poker play now... :)

O yeah my friend we do the ole @spl is going strong, has paid over 2400 SBD and its totally free to play.

That's freakin epic we have a sweet squad of developers but the more the merrier. We have a Discord chat if you want to join:

@revo i have a ton of ideas but need to learn how to access blockchain and retrieve info. DM me on discord, maybe we can help each other.

Will do. I found some links describing the process:

I haven't had a chance to really look at them yet. Maybe over the next few days.

This is awesome man. Hey @tuck-fheman maybe this will shut me up huh? lol
I love the updates and the great things to come. Dont mind me sometimes im just a mad man. Keep up the good work and know that i'll be at the table to give them hell every time.

Hahaha heck yea buddy appreciate you.

And who wants to be normal anyways :)

thanks as always, chief. :)

#TeamEPIC !!!!

Ayyyyyy you're welcome teamie #TeamEpic lets gooooooo

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Solid updates as always.

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thanks for all the kind words. You are doing an awesome job also.

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