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RE: How To Survive The Raid On Area 51

in #newslast year

The fortunate few, who will be able to sneak deep into the base labyrinth ( Let's say it's a labyrinth because labyrinths are cool for mysteries ) will find the real Government, and that doesn't mean the USA one, great Universal New Order central committee will be there, and formed mostly of Alien, Reptilians at the top, who already run the world ( telepathically for the most part ) from there. But they will get a deal from the aliens, became rich and deny all the insinuations of something alien being there.


Labyrinths are awesome! I wonder if there's a Minotaur. And if so, is the Minotaur an alien too?

Absolutely :) the Minotaur is one of the ancient aliens!

This would explain a lot.


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