More Evidence the Christchurch Massacre Was a False-Flag Operation

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In an ealier article , I gave 14 reasons why the Christchurch mosque massacre might have been a 'false flag' operation, namely to blame white men. In the meantime, new information has come to light that appears to strengthen the case.

1 A Former US Psychological Warfare Specialist Says: Attack Meant to Deflect from Gaza, Yemen

“This of course would play into the Zionist-Mossad intelligence services which benefits from a war between Muslims and the West, and can use this renewed conflict to set the stage for a conflict against Iran, the conquest of the Golan Heights by Israel, and the Netanyahu military strikes against Gaza and Syria; as well as the Saudi Arabian attacks on Yemen”.

2 Israeli Defense Forces Hit More than 100 Hamas Targets While People Were Watching New Zealand

FireShot Screen Capture #342 - 'IDF hits more than 100 Hamas_' - www_timesofisrael_com_idf-launches-airstrikes-on-gaza-after-rockets-fired-at-tel-aviv.jpg

Alledgedly, revenge fire for rockets the night before:

Israeli war planes hit over 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in a night of strikes after two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv for the first time since the 2014 war, the Israel Defense Forces said.

3 The Al-Noor Mosque Had Previously 'Exported' Radical Islamist Converts to Yemen


(Pictured: Christopher Havard attended the Al-Noor mosque and died fighting for Al Qaida in Yemen)

Shooter Brenton Tarrant chose the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch as his target. A few years earlier, in 2014, that same mosque had radicalized New Zealander Daryl Jones, a convert to Islam. Together with Christopher Havard, an Australian convert to Islam, they died in a US-led dronestrike in Yemen while fighting for Al Qaida. According to Australia's ABC News, Havard said about the Al-Noor mosque:

... it was during his time at the Christchurch mosque that he first encountered radical Islam. "When he moved into the mosque he realised what they were trying to convert people to. That's when he left and went to Dunedin. He didn't agree with what they were teaching."

Shortly thereafter, Daryl and Christopher, both on watch for ties with Al Qaida, left for Yemen, a country at war with Saudi Arabia (an ally of Israel). If the Al-Noor mosque had ties with Al Qaida / Islamic terror groups fighting Saudi Arabia and Israel, then the mosque clearly made itself a target.

4 Israeli Mossad's Earlier Presence in Christchurch

Secret services obviously operate all over the world. But it does add to the circumstantial evidence that an Israeli Mossad spy-ring was literally unearthed by an earthquake in Christchurch in 2011. Apparently, operatives were fishing for innocent people's passports they could then clone to use on secret missions.

Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, the Israeli man who died in the damaged van, was found to have five passports on his person, the Southland Times newspaper reported. Three surviving Israelis who were in the van with Mr Mizrahi fled New Zealand within 12 hours, making their way back to Israel.

(It further proves that the Israeli Mossad employs young men in their early twenties, matching Tarrant's profile. "Fight for your people! You can be a hero!")

5 More Mysterious Visits: to Turkey and... Israel

Earlier, I reported Tarrant had visited Pakistan and North Korea, two unlikely destinations for a once healthy young man. The Israeli government does not deny that Tarrant visited Israel in 2016. He went there for 9 days on a 3-month tourist visum. Tarrant also visited Turkey, twice. Turkey borders with Syria, Israel's enemy.

What healthy young man travels by himself to North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, and Turkey? What was Tarrant really doing there? Nothing becomes clear. It seems much of Tarrant's past was scrubbed from the internet. In fact, it seems as if Tarrant never had active personal social media accounts since around 2012.

6 A Sharpshooters' Exercise Happened to Take Place on March 15th, the Day of the Massacre

FireShot Screen Capture #343 - ''Hell of a coincidence'_ Officers who _' - www_newshub_co_nz_home_new-zealand_2019_03_hell-of-a-coincidence-officers-.jpg

The police officers who arrested Brenton "were in a training exercise with the same scenario." While Brenton went on a shooting rampage, a group of global sharpshooters happened to be training in the city center of Christchurch:

Personnel taking part in the course in the city centre were already wearing their gear when the first 111 call was received at 1.41pm on Friday, March 15.

It also means local police must have been informed there were men with guns running around town, which may have given Tarrant cover.

7 Still Unexplained Presence of Other Men with Guns and in Military Fatigues


Remember the earliest reports about the Christchurch massacre? It said four shooters were arrested, including one woman. We never heard from them again, except for Tarrant. However, on March 15th, several Twitter channels showed footage of at least two men running around with guns near a Public Library, halfway between the two mosques Brenton attacked.


(A random dumbass? Or one of the suspects?)

8 Turkish Intelligence Suspects Christchurch was Aided by a "Well-Resourced" Organization

Turkish authorities investigating the travels of alleged New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant suspect that he may have been supported or encouraged by a well-resourced organisation. ... Police and intelligence officials say his level of knowledge and choice of destinations is unusual for a person of his background.

9 And Then There's This


10 The Media's Anti-White Playbook Came Into Force Immediately After the Attacks


After the attack, the media's anti-white playbook came into full effect. You have to wonder: Do white men control Western media, or perhaps men/women of some other denomination?

False/Unproven/Improbable Claims

Some claimed Tarrant's manifesto contained American English spelling rather than British English (for NZ & AUS) but upon closer look, I could find no such evidence. The original manifesto appears to contain predominantly British English spelling, as expected. It can be downloaded from here.

Some claimed the Facebook livestream video had continuity and audio issues, which was supposed to prove the video was staged or edited, even going so far as to say the victims weren't really shot and didn't really die. I could find no such evidence. I conclude the video is real and the victims are really dead. False flags have real victims. That's the point.

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