Wake Up America! Globalists are Forcing their way! Hear a man tell you how they have relocated the black population and others to sub housing in favor of others at the cost of $87 million and already in debt.

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Video footage below showing evidence.

This article seeks to cover,

  • A growing concern of incoming populations being forced on communities already in debt or being take advantage.

  • How certain communities are expected to meet the demands of groups who take over citizen land for themselves while pushing their own laws rather than assimilating.

  • How Populations like Dearborn, MI and Minnesota have been forced to supersede their rights and concerns in lieu of an incoming population and they are silenced by Dem leaders if they voice concerns or crimes. This is similar to what we have seen occur both in the UK, Germany and other European countries.

  • The Generous Welfare system in Minnesota where they are closer to socialism and have generous welfare benefits that are being preyed upon.

  • How Taxpayers money stolen through fraudulent day care claims and ended up in Somalia controlled by the Islamic Jihadist group responsible for numerous terrorist attacks.

  • The threat that has been in the school system for some time and witnessed, discussed by parents on various platforms. Always under the guise of . . .just teaching what different religions believe, but they Are quizzed on it and forced to Memorize facts. Very indoctrinating with a positive slant and push towards islamization. We saw this pushed more during Obama's presidency.

A few Great Patriots have sent this video to me and What an Eye Opener!

This man states,

West Virginia $784 million in debt, yet they are building houses for. After moving the white and black population out of the way, down the road in sub standard housing so that 321 muslims from Syria could move in to a New Housing (looks to be apartments) when the development is completed.
Can you believe this?

It’s going to cost them 87 million. A funeral home nearby is going to be torn down to make way for a mosque.

The area will be designated a Sharia zone, so no Christians are allowed to walk in the area. . .only muslims.

Here is more information I found,

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There's a link here where you can see all the comments,


Leo Hohmann, who investigates how refugees, global migration, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and where politics, culture and religion intersect, reports in an article titled,

West Virginia school district signs off on mosque’s ‘indoctrination’ of teachers

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 6.57.23 PM.png

Parents and taxpayers in Charleston, West Virginia, are starting to ask questions about what’s going on in their public schools after teachers were recently targeted by what appears to have been a brazen violation of separation of mosque and state.

Kanawha County Schools Superintendent Dr. Ronald Duerring gave his approval for the Islamic Association of West Virginia to place personal invitations into each teacher’s school mailbox to attend a “Get to Know Your Muslim Student Event” at the mosque on Jan. 25.

“We came back from lunch [on Jan. 4] and found them in our mailboxes,” said a teacher who asked not to be identified for fear of professional repercussions.

The invitation included a request for teachers to “Please RSVP by Jan. 19.”

The invitation

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 6.58.18 PM.png

When contacted by a local resident in his district and asked about the Muslim outreach to teachers, Duerring said he had spoken with the school-district attorney, Jim Withrow, who said there “wasn’t a problem” with regard to church-state issues.

Duerring, reached by phone Thursday afternoon, said he did not consider it at all controversial for schools in his district to be allowing mosque leaders access to their teachers.

“That’s not a controversy for us and, no, I am not going to answer any of your questions,” Duerring said before abruptly ending the conversation.

See more here,


Freedom Post States,

In West Virginia, we are facing an immigration crisis, and most people don’t understand the problem. In accepting Syrian Muslim refugees, they bring with them a complete religious system, Islam.

Our First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, providing one religion does not infringe on the rights of another religion.

Islam is structured on the Quran, a religious book written in the 600 ADs, received from the Archangel Gabriel by Muhammad, Allah’s prophet in deserts of Arabia. He received the revelations, then recited them to his followers, thus the Quran. The problem — the Quran is written in stone and condones the killing of infidels. An infidel is one who does not believe in Islam, and the worst infidel is a homosexual.

n accepting Syrian refugees we are forming a strong religious base for Islam. At 1 percent to 2 percent levels they assimilate with the population and present no problems. But between 3 and 5 percent they start to make demands, and want their own law, Shari’a. As the population percentage increases, so does their influence and demands, and soon it becomes the Muslim way; because local governments will now come under their control.

The reason, one Muslim man can have 8 children, from different wives, and each new birth brings forth a new Muslim. For our population to retain its ethnic roots each American family must have two children.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 7.03.02 PM.png

We are a Christian nation, so why are we accepting Syrian Muslims when Syrian Christians are being executed? Simple, our president has a Muslim background, and has surrounded himself with Muslim sympathizers, and he wants our country to become Muslim. This is without any thought for the future generations.

A good example is England. In London there are complete Muslim neighborhoods that do not accept English law, and have separated themselves from England. Do you want West Virginia to become like this? You be the judge.

See full article and sources here,


Some are aware of how many muslim populations have been directed to different parts of our country and how organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have actively employed their system of infiltration, divide and conquer.

For example, starting in the 1990's the State's Department directed Thousands of refugees from Somalia's civil war to Minnesota, which is Now the largest home to Somalian's, only second to Somalia itself.

The governor tries to stifle hones and needed conversations about many problems that exist.

All he has to do is call people bigots, intolerant and even encouraged those with any qualms about the drain on resources and other issues that could arise to. . .Move Out!

Most are aware of what happened in Dearborn, MI. If you've been there yourself it is shocking. It is just as one UK woman who went back to her country to visit said. ..it was no longer home anymore. She was following the laws of another culture yelling at the citizens to do as they were told, or being forced to go by Their guidelines rather than what used to be the Freedom in the area. Very sad.

Here is a video if you haven't already seen it.

This was done in 2017 or at least it was uploaded to this channel then.

the islamization of dearborn michigan

Here is another called,

The Islamization of Minnesota

uploaded 2018

Somalis Demand Minnesota Offers Halal food in MN Community Pantries (GAMING THE WELFARE SYSTEM)


Generous Welfare system in Minnesota where they are closer to socialism and have generous welfare benefits that are being preyed upon.
Taxpayers money stolen through fraudulent day care claims and ended up in Somalia controlled by the Islamic Jihadist group responsible for numerous terrorist attacks.

Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists


See an article below that covers an excerpt from the Washington Times back in 2015 that talks of Minnesota being taken advantage.

Here is an article on how people in Germany have been silenced.

There is a signal to alert police officers on their reports to remove certain terms which are provocative and could have a negative influence on the statistics. Skewed statistics in Favor of Whose agenda?


And concerning the rights of an outside group coming into our country,

Is it okay for the rights of one religious groups to supercede that of citizens? Should Muslims who have an issue with dog's be allowed to refuse service to those with eye seeing dogs or even harm dogs?


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