Asif is returning to 'Hero'!

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Popular actor of the press, Kazi Asif Rahman is busy as a 'hero'. Now he has two new pictures as a hero. In addition, recently played a heroic role in a work of awareness.
Among the pictures, 'Bengal Beauty' is waiting for release. In contrast to Qazi Asif, Mumtahina Tia Apart from Piyush Bandyopadhyay, Raeesan Noor, Nayla Azad Nupur and many other actors. Rahasan Noor in operation
On Wednesday (November 22nd), Kazi Asif told the Bangla Tribune, "The shooting of the film - Dubbing has all been done. You have to be released in January 2015. I will start another work in front. I can say now that I'm more focused on the big screen.
Another picture in the hands of Qazi Asif is 'Dhaka Diaries'. He has recently signed the agreement. It will be made in English language. And will be released internationally. This photo will be jointly handled by Rafi Tamzid and America's Tommy Driscick.
Kazi Asif debut on the big screen through 'Ghasful' directed by Akram Khan. In the film Impress Telefilm released in 2015, opposite Shaila Sabi and Tania Rain
Meanwhile, Asif will be seen in a documentary about the mass consciousness directed by Redwan Roni, in the role of undecided rural youth. He saved the helpless one woman and her two children from the difficult situation. Monira Mithu is the mother in this role. It will be broadcast from TV channels on December 1.
Regarding the documentary, Kazi Asif told the Bangla Tribune, this is part of the AiI (Access to Information) project run by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's office. Here is an attempt to eradicate misconceptions about religion through web portal based solutions.
Kazi Asif Rahman has been modeling and acting for a long time. He got acquainted shortly after being a model of mobile advertising 'Citycell'.!


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