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Today's latest news.  Written by an Artificial Intelligence.  Read by a video game.  Parody or Free Press?  You decide!

(The URL may change later)

I finally got around to setting up a live stream on YouTube.  After it gets enough viewers I'll be allowed to set up a custom URL for it.  Can anybody tell me how to set up a live stream with one of the Steem related video sites like DTube (preferably on Ubuntu Linux)?  I should know this, but I don't.  Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for your supporting to Andrew Yang!!

Are you providing any service?

I was doing it all the time, but then some people told me they didn't like it so I haven't been doing it as often.


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hi bro nice post whet ur email address

Nice post. I like it!

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Thank you so much for your love!

Gracias por votar mis post amigo

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@anomaly, Thank you for your concern and upvoting!

Live stream offline, was what I got. I saw only a newspaper .

Thanks so much for your support in trying to help me keep my blog visible against the constant downvoting abuse by @bloom.

God bless!

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I followed you too. Thank you for supporting Andrew Yang, he's one of my favorite democrats. And I would love to see you post more articles.

Thank u so much, and Welcome aboard~

Welcome to the future.

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