Roswell UFO Festival 2017 Conference Schedule

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"Hidden" Basement Price Pre-Register Link for early supporters

The Roswell UFO Festival (.com) 2017 Conference Theme is ...

"70 Years Later : Modern Challenges to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis" 

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Event Location : The Hi-Q Venue
208 North Virginia Avenue  Roswell, New Mexico 88203
(walking distance from the UFO Museum)
Official Website

"Super Early Bird" 4-Day Conference Pre-Registration $99 per person

Pre-Paid Registrants receive the above 2-DVD set (shipped in December 2016), an ON-SITE Parking Pass (while supplies last, numbers are VERY limited) and our thanks for helping us raise funds needed for advance expenses (venue, airfare for speakers, etc). 

For those who can't attend, $99.01 is the Early Bird price for DVD pre-orders of the conference (includes shipping, twice!). FOR THOSE UNSURE whether they will be able to attend, pre-registering now is recommended for "Reserved Seating*", and then contact us later to let us know if for any reason you "can't make it". You will receive the DVDs instead (14 is the current number of talks scheduled to be filmed) and still be supporting the event's pre-expenses. 

Speaker Bios, Links, and Lecture Abstracts (i.e., talk descriptions) to come in a separate post.

Inside the Hi-Q Venue (more pics from Hi-Q's Facebook). Conference set up will be different from above.


Thursday June 29
10:30am  Guy Malone "Roswell 1947 : What Really Happened?"
12:30pm  Greg Bishop "Alternative Theories of UFO Origins"

Followed by Lunch on-site ($15-20 add-on, details TBA) plus Informal Q/A w/ speakers.

3:30pm  Nicholas Redfern "Exposed : U.S. Government's Secret Findings on Demonic UFOs"
5:30pm  Jack Brewer "The Greys Have Been Framed : Exploitation in Ufology & The Intersection of the Intelligence and UFO Communities"
7:30pm  Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "Evaluating the Claims/Works of Zechariah Sitchin" (plus ext'd q/a period)

Friday June 30
10:30am  Nicholas Redfern "Body Snatchers and the Horrible Truth of The Roswell Incident"
12:30pm  Joseph Jordan "Unholy Communion : A MUFON Investigator's Findings on How to Stop Alien Abduction"

Followed by lunch on-site ($15-20 add-on, details TBA) plus Informal Q/A w/ speakers.

3:30pm  Guy Malone "Are Aliens Demons? Evidences That Suggest "Yes"
5:30pm  Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "How Ancient Aliens Harms UFO Research"
7:30pm  Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "Why Defending UFOs with the Bible is a Bad Idea"

Saturday July 1
10:30am  Guy Malone "Roswell 1947 : What Really Happened?" 
12:30pm  Greg Bishop "Alternative Theories of UFO Origins"

Followed by Lunch on-site ($15-20 add-on, details TBA) plus Informal Q/A w/ speakers.

3:30pm  Guy Malone "Orthodox Biblical Look at UFO Abductions : A Spiritual or Physical Event?"
5:30pm  Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "Evaluating the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis"
7:30pm  Joseph Jordan "Unholy Communion : A MUFON Investigator's Findings on How to Stop Alien Abduction"

Sunday July 2
10:30am  Nicholas Redfern "Body Snatchers and the Horrible Truth of The Roswell Incident"
12:30pm  Nicholas Redfern "Exposed : U.S. Government's Secret Findings on Demonic UFOs"

Followed by Lunch on-site ($15-20 add-on, details TBA) plus Informal Q/A w/speakers.

3:30pm  Jack Brewer "MK ULTRA to Gitmo: Correlations Between State-Sponsored Involuntary Human Experimentation, Hypnosis and the UFO Community"
5:30pm  Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "Science Fiction: Televangelism for ET Religion" (plus ext'd q/a period)

A Dinner may also be added on Sunday, location and details TBA.
Note : During the Roswell UFO Festival, the UFO Museum usually opens at 9am, with lectures starting at 10am (more throughout the day), and closes at 5pm. Re-opens for 6pm lecture. Times above are staggered to not directly conflict, but to allow UFO Festival attendees to move back and forth based on interests. Some lectures above are repeated during the 4 day conference period, so that conference attendees can leave the event to see other happenings in Roswell, without feeling they like are "missing anything".

MANY MORE speakers, events, musical acts, etc, will be be appearing/happening at locations like The UFO Museum, The Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau, Roswell Mall, and multiple other venues. The above reflects only what is confirmed to date. Subscribe via [email protected] for ongoing updates as events are confirmed and added to the "Master Schedule of All Events Happening in Roswell During the 70th Anniversary Observation of the World-Famous Roswell UFO Crash!"

$99 Dollar Pre-registration for "Reserved Seating*" and DVD Pre-Orders is now open.
Super-Early Bird Pre-Register for 1
Super-Early Bird Pre-Register for 2
DVD - Pre-order, get 2 disc set now, the rest after the event!
(Random Support because I like you, no product

Can't pay this minute? - Just email [email protected] for an "invoice" that you can pay soon/later by check or money order, or via PayPal when you're ready... PLEASE SPECIFY one of these options (copy and paste into your email's Subject line):

$99 Super-Early Bird Pre-Registration for 1
$189 Super-Early Bird Pre-Registration for 2
$99 DVD Pre-Order
(ADD ON : Guy Malone book COME SAIL AWAY WITH ME, add $15 for Black & White, $40 color)

$189 package comes with only One (1) Advance DVD set. You can of course change the quantities above, just specify in your email what you'd like and you will be invoiced accordingly. (I.E., a family or any group of 4 traveling together IS eligible for $189 x 2 = $288 and will receive 2 DVDs sets.) Group Pricing (Early Bird only) 10 or more $79 per person, includes 5 DVD sets, mailed to one address. 

$99 Super-Early Bird Pricing is Subject to Change and without notice as soon as venue and airfare expenses are met, but our current pricing model for 4-day packages (meals not included) is $139 per person effective June 1, 2017 (if seating is not sold out by then), $129 per person April 1, 2017, $119 per person March 1, 2017, $109 per person February 1, 2017. Couple and/or Group Discounts may be discontinued at any time. DVD pre-order price is also subject to change without notice.

All $99 and above pre-orders receive

 ... the 2-DVD set above, shipped immediately. Please understand that ALL pre-orders are NON-REFUNDABLE, AS FUNDS WILL BE SPENT on early expenses such as the venue and airfare for speakers. Any "act of God" situation (natural disaster, martial law, etc) and last-minute cancellations by speakers are of course beyond event organizers' control, but in the unlikely event of a complete event cancellation you will receive DVDs from previous years' events, such as listed here.  

DISCLOSURE to PAID PRE-REGISTRANTS : *"Reserved Seating" via pre-payment is offered both as a courtesy to guests who will be incurring great expenses to travel to Roswell for this event (and therefore want to "make sure" they will be be able to get in) AND is a fund-raiser for our non-profit educational outreach program during the UFO Festival.
Any "unsold" seats (if available) will likely be offered free to the public to "come on in" 5 minutes before lectures begin, and you are of course free to "take your chances" on free admission. But also note that during the 50th and 60th Anniversary Events, TIME Magazine, CBS, Washington Post, reported numbers such as "At least 35,ooo..." and "50,ooo Attendees at the Roswell UFO Festival" (See this 2007 link still online). While there's of course no guarantees that this 70th Anniversary (2017) will see such numbers, a complete advance sell-out of our venue is of course possible. Just saying...
By pre-ordering Seating or DVDs, you understand that you are donating to help raise funds for a NonProfit New Mexico Corporation,

... that donations/purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE (as they will be spent way in advance of July) and that tax-donation receipts are not issued because you are receiving tangible value (goods/services) in exchange for your support. Sales Tax is neither due nor collected, however.

If you are interested in making donations that do not involve receiving "conference seating" or "products(s)" please e-mail Guy Malone at [email protected] for further details.

Roswell Mission, Guy Malone, are not directly affiliated with The City of Roswell, Main Street Roswell, The UFO Museum, CosmicCon, Roswell Daily Record's "The Roswell Incident" conference, etc. 

This link is not yet fully public or attached to the event's official website but may be shared, re-steemed, e-mailed freely by those who have received it. Early-Bird pricing is intended to be offered to our group's and our speakers' current friends, families, followers, and existing support base, before being offered to the general public. Press passes or "comps" are not being issued, yet, until after all "VIP" and sponsor/partner seating is assigned. Individual and Corporate Sponsors ($1,000+) and one "Mothership Sponsor" ($10,000) are being sought.
Please direct all inquiries to
[email protected]


The new DVD cover really stands out in this post. Good job! Looking forward to summer 2017

Thanks so much rockman, you're very encouraging always!

You have a great list of speakers. Mike, Joe and Guy- what more do you need??

Wish I could afford to come to this. Perhaps Tyler from Secureteam10 Youtube channel may visit and let his subscribers know how it went. I will likely purchase the DVD set however. Great looking cover art.

I am hoping to get there ..If not this year next ........ UFOs has been in my arena sense I was about 10

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