Adam Kokesh and Theo Chino At The Morpheus Titania Sentencing

in news •  4 months ago

Learn more about the sentence that was handed down for "money laundering with Bitcoin". This trial has huge implications for the future of Bitcoin and the state.

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The fact that they were asking for 10 years is absurd.

The establishment really seems to hate crypto. I actually wrote a post about that a few weeks back. I think the real reason they have a problem with it is that it isn't firmly under their control in the way that the rest of the financial system is. Plus it is harder to tax.

Thanks for sharing

Excellent post, friend, @adamkokesh,

Lovely news I can resteemed it to share the others people...

So this guy brags to federal agents he can help launder cash from heroine sales by using bitcoin to hide the proceeds whereas his partner out and out told the federal agents no way, we aren't even going to talk about this, he gets off with a minor charge of failing to register to transact currency while the one who did transact got four years....sounds perfectly legitimate and fair to me.

People use bitcoin for money laundering and it affects the overall crypto market. People think it's ponzy scheme which is negative perception about it

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The judge might like to free this guy, he is an evil individual and honestly the government sucks! I love you all guys, Adam you are going to get into the system to dismantle the fucking federal government (I sound like a Trump supporter now that I think about it!). Anyways in Kokesh we trust, I can't wait for 2020 comrade! I finally live by myself at 18YO! :D

This is awesome news