Here are some of the top performing Newdex Tokens! Decentralized Exchanges have the most fun on twitter

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Newdex users are having a party with now and even the newdex twitter account for is having fun with ASCI memes on twitter!

i would like to invite steem users to try newdex, create newdex memes and post them with your EOS account to get some NDX tokens sent by this community account.

CPU usage peaked and many users are using newdex to rent CPU which you can do here:

Here is a look at some very exciting EOS markets!


And we have Sidechains on Newdex! You can trade BOS TELOS and we can even buy and sell REX on newdex. I


With all of these features, newdex is amongst the most advanced Decentralized Exchanges and has a lot to offer Steem Blockchain. We should all work together in DPOS land and synergize the social media of steem with the DEX technology of Newdex and allow steem-engine to list its tokens on a direct STEEM pair without the need for STEEMP, or to add STEEMP as an EOS token to be backed by EOS in a newdex trading pair. This SPS proposal holds the key to allowing steem engine and SMT tokens to be added to Newdex.

If you have any questions or want some free NDX just come to the Newdex discord here:

Free EOS accounts can be created by downloading MyEOSWallet and asking on telegram @myeoswallet for a free promo code.

Official newdex Telegram

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It's exciting to see TLOS and HEARTs being mentioned here. That's a good booster for my Steemchurch community.

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Yes Im excited for TELOSp to be added to so we can have TELOS on our steem accounts. Then Telos devs can learn how easy Blockchain social media can be now that steem has done so much carving out of the big picture.

How soon will that be? I mean adding Telos to steem-engine...

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@someguy123 from steem-engine 's partner @privex who takes care of this, he has the telos python library he needs and im hoping once he integrates it into his setup, well be all ready to go so just as soon as hes ready and as soon you can help pay the $120 to $150 steem engine listing fee of 1000 ENG :) But I may be able to pay it with my telos WPS funds if they come in in a few weeks, with the rate telos price is going up!!! :D lol

WOW man so you use steemchurch? do people use it in various cities in west africa ? or is it just one place? please tell me more about it. Yeah ive bought some HEARt token but i wish sirknight would re write the description to just add a simple line about how this is a great technology for churches, like i wish he would add something about "Decentralized Church System' or something :D we can build a new system of decentralized seminaries yeah! Distributed Mega Churches :D

Glad to see newdex on Steem and posting on twitter. We have a listing on their too :) We still offer 500 CHLp to whoever is able to make a ChallengeDac meme and or post and share it on the CHL telegram or discord

I was so happy to see newdex on twitter posting memes :D

Look at this chart moon for SOV

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