Born into the world World of Steemit!

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Special day today!
One of my best friends told me to sign up to Steemit, because i love to write. So here i am, pretty exited to get going and share my thoughts and stories!
But first... i'm happy to announce this friend is about-to-be father of a son, he and his girl are in hospital giving birth right now!

Time has gone so fast, the day he told me she was pregnant still feels like last week. Life goes on i guess, and now ,just like that, in a blink of an eye, the littlelife will be here. Life is wonderful.
Since this is the first child getting born in our group of friends ( he is about the youngest of us all ) it's kind of a big event. Maybe slightly early , but this post need something visual...

Welcome, little man!

Let's hope all goes well today and they will be able to celebrate a healthy born son tonight or tomorrow.
I can't wait myself :) Will be updated when news comes in!

More about my writing in next post, see y'all there!

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Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy the ride as much as you can!


Thank you very much!
Already having fun exploring the cool stuff :)

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Welcome to Steemit.

Keep plugging away and your audience will find you,...

Hello @devbymbea. Welcome to the Steemit experience. I can assure you that your time with this Social Media platform will be rewarded in many ways. I am new to Steemit as of last week Friday. Thus far I am impressed by the difference that this platform makes in the world of crypto currency. In kind we are happy that you decided to take your friends advice to sign up with Steemit. Wise choice if you ask me. Take care and make it a great day.


Thank you for your reply!
Im well on my way onto Steemit now. Endured some delay before reading this, hope you don't mind ;)

See you around sir, and may the sun shine where you are.