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RE: Up to $75 vote from me if you encourage newbies. Newbies can also get same for a good blog. Closes 26 December.

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Hey @swissclive I am new to Steemit and I’m just starting learn more about it. Please check out a few of my posts and aid to give feedback and please throw in some advice.


Thank you for participating over the Christmas holiday in the initiative to help newbies. I hope you will continue to support newbies. There were literally 400 blogs referenced by people here, so unfortunately it proved to be impossible to read every one, but I read hundreds and voted for some of the best ones. Unfortunately I only had so much steempower to go around - you shouldn't do more than 10 votes at 100% or 20 at 50% and so on. It meant I could not vote on every blog I read.

I upvoted you at 20% power for your efforts.

Hopefully you will participate in my brand new initiative below. It's about writing a story in under 300 words.

This is my new initiative:

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