Free upvote for newbies. @heartbeat1515 Curating effort.

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I did promise to give back.

This is @heartbeat1515 curator initiation for newbies or for those who have SP lower than mine which is currently 300SP.

How to get an upvote?

  • Make sure your SP are lower than mine.
  • Paste your recent post link into my comment box below or the post you suggested.
  • Only one link per person.

How will I upvote?

  • I will read and choose 3 lucky link and give my 100% percent upvote for each. (It is not much but I hope it will help you to grow as much as helping me.)
  • I will only upvote after your post reach at least 30 minutes because I'm not yet a whale and I need a little bit of the curation reward to boost up my SP too.

Calling for supporters.

For those who would like to join me in this effort, feel free to check out all the comment below my post and choose your own favourite newbies to give an upvote or more.

For the newbies, don't forget to follow...

  • @steembasicincomes for the contest
  • @theluvbug for her love of curating
  • @arunava for his upvote giveaway
  • @paulag for her 'redfish power up league' so that you'll know how far have you go in this platform.
  • @mariannewest for her daily freewrite prompt. It helps to build reputation and give a topic to write everyday.
  • @partiko app to gain points that can be use to upvote your own post.

There is a lot more but I got to find their username and what they do first.

Now... Start writing and leave your link in my comment below.

Don't have idea, go and see what @mariannewest prompt for today.

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thank you so much for directing people to the prompt. FYI, the curation window is 15 minutes now and you want to vote around 14 or maybe even 13 minutes on posts that you know will have a lot of bot votes coming in.


That is a great info. Thank you.

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thank for mentioning the redfish power up league :-)


You are welcome.

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