Today I decided to draw from my Universal Waite Tarot Deck.

universal waite deck.jpg

I first have to confess, that lately I have been preoccupied with many other things, and haven’t been reading my Tarot as often as I should be.

That being said, when I pulled my three cards today, just as a general reading for the week, I was really shocked, and then I felt so frustrated-WITH MYSELF- because I immediately saw the message that the cards were trying to convey to me; And it is probably one that I needed to see a couple weeks ago! But I was too busy!

(I wasn’t really too busy—I was just lazy--)

For those of you that think Tarot is all just a bunch of New Age hocus-pocus, I invite you to just enter and observe with an open mind.

Tarot is an important and valuable tool. It is extremely helpful in gaining insight, which enables a person to look within themselves for answers.

You can believe it or not, I’m not here to convince you!

This presentation is meant for those that are actually interested in the art of Tarot.
I’m sharing this as a means of teaching, while at the same time, I am learning as well…

So, let me get right to it!

Again, I just wanted to do a general 3-card draw for the week. So, I drew my 3 cards, and here is the result:


As you can see, from left to right:
The Lovers- Major Arcana number VI
The Devil- Major Arcana number XV
The Four of Pentacles- Minor Arcana number IV

WOW! Now, if any of you are already familiar with Tarot, then I know you’re seeing something significant smacking you in the face right now!

I’m going to go ahead and explain these one by one, and then I’m going to explain their correlation with one another in this particular reading!

lovers (1).jpg
from Radient Rider Waite

Number VI- SIX in the Major Arcana, The Lovers represent love, partnership, and harmony. It represents choosing between mind vs. heart; spiritual vs. material, virtue vs. vice, love vs. lust, freedom vs. enslavement. It is representative of the duality of our choices, with positive aspects. It shows brightness and light, with a symbol of an angelic being watching overhead.

from Radient Rider Waite

Number XV- FIFTEEN in the Major Arcana, This is simple! Just take everything I used to describe The Lovers, and flip it! The Devil, is the inability to make those positive choices. As a matter of fact, it represents the decision to remain in bondage, rather than choosing freedom and light. It represents lack of control, or giving up control. Addiction vs. freedom, lust instead of love, material instead of spiritual. It has darkness, and an evil being watching over the two who stand by, in their chosen state of bondage.

from Radient Rider Waite

Number IV- FOUR in the Minor Arcana, Now, Pentacles represent material or earthly possessions. Their elemental symbol is EARTH. So, they represent monetary, or financial choices. Jobs, home, stability… And the FOUR of Pentacles, represents control; holding on too tightly; being too conservative or protective of your possessions or wealth. It can have a more positive meaning in some cases, but today, the aspect of control specifically stands out in this spread.

So, lets go back to the three cards, in the order they appeared in the reading.
I want you to take a moment to look at the imagery on the cards. Think about what you see specifically as similarities in the first two cards, The Lovers, and The Devil.

They are practically exactly the opposite of each other, yet they are very similar visually... They have the two people, a male and a female, that represent both masculine and feminine aspects. They both have a main character looking over them, one an angelic being, and one a demonic or devil being. They are the LIGHT, and the DARKNESS.

Another interesting note, is that the number XV, 15, is also 1+5=6;
The Lovers are VI, number 6. In tarot, we use numbers as another way of recognizing significant aspects of the polarities, and similarities, of card pairs!

So, right off the bat we can see, that there is currently an issue, or a struggle going on, between making decisions from either the light, or the dark. Right, or wrong; Positive or negative!

Now let’s look at the third card. The first thing that stood out to me was that it was the number IV, which is “mirroring” VI.

Okay, this is telling me that this card is signifying the nature of the choice or the struggle I am facing; and in the center of the issue lies The Devil card. This spread, tells me an almost perfect story, by the way these things correlate.

Somehow, I am making decisions, that are separating me from my spiritual path. The control issues I am struggling with are causing me to make choices that will result in negative outcomes, and will keep me bound, and in a dark mindset. If I am not careful, or if I am not mindful of my need to be controlling or overprotective, I will find myself back to a state of being imprisoned within my heart and my soul. It is a warning for me not to lose my way from the light. Don’t hold on to those things that are earthbound, too tightly.

Right away, I know the things I need to back away from, and the things I need to do to change some recent behaviors.
I know I have been focusing on things that are NOT positive, and therefore they are pulling me down, into darkness and negative thinking and behaviors.

I have been choosing to engage in activities that are pulling me away from the path that I want to be on. So, I will have to make some choices, and really decide what is more important for my spiritual enhancement and growth. I prefer freedom and light!


That, my friends, is how I perform a Tarot card reading!
I hope you all have been able to gain something from what I have shared.

Tarot, is not an absolute, so I want to make it clear that, as an interpreter, we can read the cards slightly differently in different spreads.

There are many variables to consider when we interpret a Tarot spread.
One thing I do know for sure, at least in MY experience, and that is: THE CARDS NEVER LIE!


very cool that you explain how this works... unique!

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