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Righto, so I have been away from the key board for a while due to different obligations off platform but now I'm back. So I figured I'd try out something we used to do quite often with Steemit Newbie Resteem and throw out a post calling for all of you great content creators to have your work supported by having it resteemed out to a larger audience. There's only a couple rules.

  1. I won't resteem nsfw content. Sorry guys, but there are a lot of young folks and content creators who won't want that in their feed in our following list.

  2. The post has to be sincere. Basically I won't resteem a picture of your breakfast or a post that just says hi. The people who work for hours on a post at a time and are new here would probably feel that's unfair.

  3. I won't resteem your work if it's not your work. So if cheetahbot has flagged you I'm sorry but I can't resteem you.

That's it really. I'm also more than happy to help provide advice on post structure or answer any questions if your struggling. I'm going to be running resteems every three hours so simply pop a link to your post in comments. Well guys, that's it for now. Looking forward to all your great content and as always keep Steeming.

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Good job @mudcat36... glad to see you taking the lead here! Keep it up :)

ps... I've resteemed for you to hopefully get you some more eyeballs ;)


Thanks Dave. I appreciate the support. It's kinda good to jump back in after being away for a bit. Keep Steemin. :)


@newbieresteemday it was great to see you @mudcat36... Are you still doing it? And are you voting the account too?

I will be so grateful for the resteem @newbieresteemday.

Great work , please check mine

Great service!

Thanks heaps. 😀

My post:

I don't really need that Resteem.
But this content creator maybe would apreciate it.

Imagine my surprise to see a post written on the @newbieresteemday account. Happy to see you back on track with NRD @mudcat36. :)

Working on a curation project, would like to get more people start using it so i can get some feedback :

It would be awesome to get a bit more exposure for my

muy buen trabajo,lo felicito,saludos desde venezuela